Friday, September 07, 2007

Personality Color

Karen bestowed me with

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Award, Karen. I sure feel the looovvveeee he he he...

Anyway, she did this test, so I decided to do it, too. Hey, I'm also a DARK BLUE!!!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE...

What color is your personality?

Your Personality is Dark blue!

Your a true feeling person. You often spend time just sitting, and trying to understand your over-whelming emotions. You love learning, and dreaming. Quite shy, you enjoy your solitude. You live a life of deep reflection. Secretly, you're highly spiritual.

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  1. Well done! Well done!!

    Dark blue, eh? Nice color and pleasant personality. Hey, I took the test as well...and check out the result in my blog...=)

  2. Choc Mint Girl: COOL!!! I'll check it out pronto! ;-D

  3. I was yellow. :-)

    Funny, because I hated yellow as a kid. Because it was my mom's favourite colour so I had a yellow bedroom, yellow baby clothes, yellow dresses...

    I do like yellow nowadays though. :-)

  4. Michelle: Yellow, eh? I LIKE yellow. ;-D

  5. Hi Amel...So we are both Dark Blue huh .. The ones quite into Spirituality. Sure we will have a lot to talk about.


  6. Karen: Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep!!! WHOOOPPPEEEE!!! ;-D

  7. I was orange, it said I am outgoing and a loving individual much more caring then red . Thanks for another interesting contest. Have a good weekend!

  8. Dawn: YAAAAYYY!!! We've got an orange, too!!! At first I was skeptical if there were other colours, but now I know for sure he he he...

    Great results, Dawn!!! ;-D Soon there'll be a rainbow in this post he he he...

  9. Congratulations Amel. I love your blog too.

    I took the test, I am green, which is a colour I like. I also kind of agree with the summary of my character, except for the bit about nature. Mostly when I am in the country I'm thinking about to get back to the city ;-)

    "You are a curious, and inquisitive person. You have keen observational skills, and enjoy thinking about words. You are shy sometimes, and enjoy your solitude to reflect on nature"

  10. Fish: THANKS for your love!!! ;-D

    So we have a green now! ;-D YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! I love your result, Fish!!!

    THANKS for sharing!

  11. You have a second green, Amel. I'm the same as FWB. Mmm...I have to admit, I am far from shy and when I am solitary, the last thing I think about is nature...perhaps what comes 'naturally', yes, but I don't walk round saying, 'Hello flowers, hello birds, hello grass...' Not yet, anyway!

  12. Hi visited you at Helium. You are really prolific !!! And ranked pretty high in some articles too ! Congrats !!

  13. Agnes: Interesting result. You never struck me as a shy person myself. I wonder why the test said you were green, then.

    Karen: THANKS for your compliment. You ranked pretty high too in lots of articles! ;-D You're another green? WOW!!! We've got lots of greens here he he he...

  14. Hey I'm blue as well!
    By the way you're tagged with the Nonsense story meme. Trust me it's a fun one so do check it out.

  15. Amber: Another blue? YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!

    Oh, THANKS for the tag. I'll go check it out soon! ;-D

  16. I got green haha! Check out my results too!

  17. Shan: GOOD!!! Another green! Sure I'll check it out! ;-D

  18. Hey Amelia!

    I took the test: I have a green personality (so they say)! However I am not shy...hum!


  19. Max: You're a green too? It seems a bit weird indeed since you're definitely not shy. Seems that those people who've got green aren't shy either. Hmmmhhh...