Sunday, September 09, 2007

3BT: Weekend Wrap

1a. Enjoying my fave songs from this band, Mr. Big. Here's one KEWL video, To Be With You. I LOVE Eric Martin's voice!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM...

1b. Watching a perfectly cloudless, starry sky and a crescent from our apt. window. SUCH a lovely, lovely night!

2. Watching thick fog in the early morning. It was breathtaking!!!

3. Having a chance to pick lingonberries on such a SUNNY day!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!

4. My mother-in-law's thoughtfulness. She asked me if I got tired after berry picking and then she offered us food. Again!

5. My mother-in-law's delicious chicken curry. VERY spicy!!! YUM!!!

6. My mother-in-law gave us a KILO of reindeer/moose meat. It's marinaded already, so I don't have to slice up the meat or process it. Plus we can't really afford buying that much reindeer meat, so I TRULY appreciate it!!! HALLELUJAH for wonderful mother-in-laws!!! God bless her!

7. Saw two MOST BEAUTIFUL deer in the forest right after we finished picking up the berries. I'd seen other deer before, but those two made me feel like I was in a Fairy Tale land. As if I were Snow White who went to the forest to pick berries and play with the deer. I LOVE this lifeeeeeeeee!!! ^____________________________^

8. Receiving SMS from my future sister-in-law he he he he...

9. Having a chance to chat with two of my closest friends today via YM. YEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!

10. Hubby drove me to the supermarket today to buy food plus ICE-CREAM!!! I'm going to eat it later tonight. And being grateful that there's a regular un-pricey supermarket which is open every Sundays in this little village. YIIIPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!! ;-D

WHOOPS!!! Almost forgot this one...

11. Hubby downloaded a movie I had wanted to download, so I could watch it already on Friday. That day was his gaming day at his cousin's house, but he spent a minute to send me a very sweet SMS. I LOVE that guy!!! ;-D


  1. I always sing along (very loudly) with that song every time it's on the radio. :)

    Have a great day!


    Every, Every Minute

  2. Bob: THANKS for leaving a comment, Bob!

    Yes, I also sang along with the song and moved my body along with the rhythm. Such a COOL song!!! Too bad the band broke up he he he...

  3. Have a great time. Good luck.

  4. 1) Interesting song..

    1b) Oh man, I love those nights, especially during the summer where the evening air is so damp and earth fresh!

    2) Are you sure you're not a clone of me? Absolutely breathtaking!

    3) Lingonberries? What is that?

    4) Food is alllways good!

    5) Nice! Nothing beats a dish of curry! I tried a really yellow one once but man it was really bitter...

    6) Did it taste good though?

    7) Lol, Finland must be beautiful... I plan to to travel a bit once I graduate

    8) haha, exciting?

    9) Chatting to friends is always so good :)

    10 & 11) It's easy to tell you love your hubby very much :D

  5. Shan: Welcome back, buddy!!!

    Your clone? Maybe not since I'm a woman he he he...Can they make clones with different gender than the original, I wonder? you make me think he he he...

    HA HA HA HA...Of course the marinaded meat tasted GOOD he he he...;-D

    He he he...when it comes to the SMS from my future's just thoughtful of her to ask me how I've been doing. And it's nice to be close to your in-laws he he he...

    Yes, me love me hubby vewy vewy much he he he...*wink*

  6. Life is always half full or half empty, and you have taken the half full view. Good for you :) and enjoy it all :)

  7. Mother Hen: THANK YOU!!! I'm trying my best to do it. ;-D

    Welcome back from the trip!!! Looking forward to your story! ;-D

  8. Hey, Girl!!!

    Ohh, you had such a nice weekend :)!
    You have been blessed with a great mom-in-law, I swear :)! Blessed be she!!!!

    You hubby is soooo cute: an sms in the middle of the gaming session!

    Deers are so gorgeous, I just love them, I swear...they are elegant, and classy: a true gift from nature *bowing*!

    I never ate reindeer/moose meat: is it any good?

    I love chicken curry: YUMMMMYYYY!!!!!!

    There's nothing like thick fog, it is so mysterious, isn't it?

    I liked this post, so sweet :).


  9. Max: Yeah, my mother-in-law's a treasure indeed. ;-D

    Yep, reindeer and moose meat is TASTY. Well, I think it also depends on how you cook it, but it is tasty. ;-D I only know one way to cook reindeer. It seems that my mother-in-law marinaded it differently this time.

    YEEEESSSS, deer are truly a gift of God! ;-D

    You're SO RIGHT! Thick fog looks so mysterious and fascinating! You'll never know what lurks behind it he he he...

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Girl!!!