Friday, September 14, 2007

Vote for My Blog at Blog Interviewer

Mike Thomas from (THANKS, Mike) has kindly asked me to do this interview, so if you like my blog, please check out this link and vote for me, will you? He he he he...

Well, let me just ramble on as well here a bit. My hubby has a day off today since he'd worked long hours the past few days. YIIIHHHAAAA!!! He didn't tell me about it until I found out about it myself. So that's one beautiful thing today.

The second beautiful thing was this: I woke up earlier due to hunger, so I had sandwich and a cinnamon bun with hot milk. It was only 0'C outside so drinking hot milk felt SOOOO good, babyyyy!!!! Then I did my "morning routine" at the toilet, brushed my teeth, and got back to sleep HO HO HO HO HO HO HO...

Tomorrow we're not going to my in-laws since there's my hubby's cousin's birthday party. He turned 40 two days ago and over here in Finland the big 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 is celebrated at least by the closest family members or friends. The party'll start at 3 pm. He says he'll provide snacks and drinks, then at around 6 pm we'll all go to the army building to have sauna separately (men with men, women with women) and then he may invite us all to go to a bar. I have NO idea how many people are invited there, but this is gonna be my first time going to such a birthday party, so I'm pretty excited. So this anticipation is the third beautiful thing this morning he he he he he he he he he...

I'll surely try tell you all later on how it goes. The only minus is probably the doubt if I'll be able to talk to anyone at the party since most Finns are shy about practicing their English. We'll see he he he...I'm a good observer, anyway. I'm not really looking forward to going to the bars, though, since it's gonna be COOOOOLLLLDDDDDD when it's time to go home. BRRRRR!!!! But sauna? BRING IT ON, BABBBYYYY!!!! ME LOVE SAUNA SUPER DUPER MUCH he he he he...


  1. Lori: Oh, THANKS A LOT!!! Hope you'll have a BLESSED weekend! ;-D

  2. I got that too! I was wondering if it was on the 'up and up' or not :)

    let me run and read yours. . .

  3. Vic: COOL!!! ;-D I don't think I'm a good self-promoter hi hi hi...but no worries. I've had fun anyway. ;-D

  4. It's interesting :) The only thing I don't like is all the ads on his page, and even inline text stuff during your answers to his questions.

    I suck at promoting too :)

  5. Vic: Yeah, I understand what you mean about the ads he he he...

    You do, too? Yeah, promoting oneself isn't too easy, is it?

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun! Do you speak English as well as you write it?

  7. Kathy: Hmmm...that's a tough question to ask. I think my writing ability is slightly better than my speaking ability ha ha ha...'coz when you write, you have plenty of time to think. But when I'm having a conversation with someone, if that person has a dialect I'm not used to listening, it may take me some time to understand.

    I guess since I've moved here, my speaking ability has been getting better again since I speak English all the time with my husband. When I worked in Bandung as a translator, I began to feel that my spoken English had deteriorated bit by bit since I used it passively.

  8. Hey Amel, sorry to keep asking questions, but when you watch T.V. what language do you hear mostly? I'm guessing Finnish since you are there; or do they have many English speaking TV shows?

  9. Kathy: Don't worry about questions. Keep 'em coming he he he...

    Well, they have many English speaking TV movies and series here, too, like CSI, Men in Trees, Desperate Housewives. Unlike the Germans, they don't dub anything except cartoons (GLADLY!!!), so they only put Finnish subtitles in English movies or series. That way actually I get to pick up some Finnish words (by listening to the English speaking characters and reading the subtitles). :-D