Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I have an ex-campus friend who's now become a lecturer in one campus in Bandung. She's intelligent and she has a beautiful physique since she's also a yoga teacher. Long limbs, slim waist, a super light gait. Before I moved to Finland, I held a small farewell party at home with my friends and ex-campus friends. She was there, too. There she told us a story about the stalker.

Apparently one of her uni students fell in love with her. He kept on following her around. He'd wait for her near the elevator and then get into the elevator when she gets inside. He also professed his love for her unabashedly and asked her out on a date several times. She tried to push him away gently by saying that she was married, but the guy just didn't know when to stop. He said he didn't care even though she was married, can you believe it?!?!?!?! Basically my friend didn't want to reject him harshly since she was afraid he'd do something horrible to her.

Back then she didn't tell her husband about it, since she figured out that she could handle it on her own. She also didn't want to upset her husband by telling him that story. Gladly the other uni students knew about the prick's indecent obsession towards her, so they tried protecting her from him by escorting her to the elevator or even to her car.

Just a few days ago I received an email from her, telling me that the stalker had gotten so far as to run fast to chase her car as she was driving the car away from the parking lot of the campus. He also hit her car in some occasions. However, the worst part of all was that the guy had the NERVE to tell his own mother that my friend had SEDUCED him!!! Unbelievable!!!

Then my friend told her husband about the stalker since she was stressed out already, so her husband confronted the guy's mother and warned her that if her son wouldn't stop doing those bad things, something bad would happen to him. Apparently the mother took the warning seriously, so the stalker has restrained himself from doing anything bad lately.

I just can't believe people like him. What's WRONG with him? It's just so sick. Yikes!!! I'm SO glad I've never encountered anybody like that. Hopefully NEVER ever! *knocking on wood*


  1. Wouldn't it be best if she reported this to her Head of Faculty and the Police immediately?

    If she doesn't do this, she has absolutely no official come-back if the stalker renews his claims of seduction.

    The first rule of anything like this is to make the problem known.

  2. Agnes: Oh yeah, she did report to the faculty's counselor already, so I think the faculty knows.

    The police? Indonesian police are good for nothing (except probably a few good ones). They love getting bribes and we have total lack of respect towards them. YIKES!!!

  3. Uhm, it happens. I used to have a guy that would chase the car after church when I was about 15/16. he ended up in jail for something else.

    Scary people out there.

  4. Vic: It happened to you, too?!?!?! Gee!!! Indeed there are scary people out there. What's wrong with them, I wonder? Tsk tsk tsk...

  5. That’s the worst part about him twisting the fact!!! "SIAL!!!"...(hope you know this word). Your post has reminded me about some incidents happened to me and my hubby, Amel. But it’s not about a stalker...will write about it in future.

  6. Choc Mint Girl: YES, I know that word allright!!!! *grin*

    Yeah, the worst part is when he twisted it all around. YIKES!!!

    Looking forward to reading about your story in the future.