Sunday, September 02, 2007

5 Favourite Posts Meme

Shinade (Jackie) tagged me to do this meme. Boy, I had to browse through my posts and picked only five? That's a bit hard to do he he he...but OK, here goes...

1. On Trust and Relationship.

I LOVE this post 'coz I got to be open about my relationship with my hubby. ;-D Those of you who don't know me yet back then, I met my husband through the internet and we fell in love...Ah, I won't spoil the story, just click on the link and read it if you haven't read it yet he he he...Oh, and another reason why I love this post is 'coz I found out that one women's forum put a link to this particular post of mine. ;-D

2. Rest in Peace.

This post is important for me as it's a HUGE lesson in letting go. I moved to Finland from Indonesia, became "unemployed", had PLENTY of spare time, and found out that my friends got burdened since I focused a huge amount of my spare time to write them emails. Now I've learnt the balance. Thus I LOVE this blogosphere as this is really a MOST WONDERFUL way out and outlet for me to share my feelings and thoughts and experiences.

3. Judge Me if You Think You're Holy.

This is another personal post about the turmoil in my family that shows a dark side of me.

4. Pressures.

This post has a universal echo and it did get a lot of responses, so this is one of my fave posts.

5. A Traditional Chinese Proposal.

This may not be too special, but it was made special since a girl from Jakarta contacted me to thank me personally for having written this one. She said that she was going to use that post as a guide for her own traditional Chinese proposal (her boyfriend was from Canada and her mother wanted him to throw a traditional Chinese proposal). It made me glad to have spent time writing the post, knowing that it was beneficial for someone out there. ;-D

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if any of you is interested in writing this meme, knock yourself out!!! LOL!!!


  1. I love the story of trust and the story between you and your husband. You know, you are very brave.
    If I were to have a daughter who tells me she has met someone online in some far away land, I'll probably pass out. I lack the experience to deal with such things, and actually (a lot) less brave than you :)

  2. Hi ! Thaks for popping by ! I love this post. I'm in the same position. Since making the decision to stay at home after each child, I've found myself drifting away from my best friends. We can still chat and laugh, but mostly, they are just too busy. I initially felt very sorry for myself , having to turn to blogging and "virtual" friends to keep myself entertained. But then, I've come to realise "virtual" friends are real people too ! It's not quite the same as buying a robot dog to give myself something to love.

    Shall we swop links ?

  3. Mother Hen: I never appreciated my parents more than after a friend of mine became a mother. She said that my parents were great since they could let me go to such a far away place he he he...

    Yes, I understand what you mean, Mother Hen. THANK YOU for your compliment! ;-D

    Karen: Glad you don't feel sorry for yourself anymore. I didn't feel sorry for myself. Instead, I felt angry towards them. It wasn't a healthy relationship anymore. GLADLY blogging helps me A LOT in balancing out my life.

    Yep, you're ABSOLUTELY right. Virtual friends are real friends as well. ;-D

    I've linked you already he he he...

  4. I love the post about trust and relationship as well as the one about friends. I agree with rmh - you are brave and I'm so happy it worked out so beautifully for you

  5. was going to come and say sama-sama re: link but decided to read "trust" instead. I think you've shown absolute trust in him by leaving your home, family and job to be with him and to be fully dependent on him. Took me a while to get there. Kept clinging on to my family, or job, wanted to be financially independent etc.

    Wait till you have your first baby. When they look at you - that's trust.

  6. Amber: THANKS for your compliment! Glad you enjoyed reading my posts. And yeah, I'm also GLAD it all works out well. ;-D

  7. Karen: I understand what you mean. In the end I thought, "No risk, no gain". I was at first afraid since I'd be unemployed and be dependent on him, but actually I've been enjoying myself being a housewife without any income. ;-D I know this is just a period of time I have to endure. There will be time later on when I can go back to work etc.

    Baby? Yeah, I'm now wanting to have a baby, but I know our situation's not "right" yet. We'll see about that in 2-3 years he he he...I sure do want a baby later on. And I'll sure post how it affects me and my life he he he...

  8. A nice write up.I like Chinese proposal. Traditions differ from place to place.Even in one country you will find,sometimes,different traditions.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Thanks again for wishing me on my birthday.
    Good luck.

  9. Surjit: You're SO right. There are lots of different traditions in one country, esp. in an archipelago like Indonesia. Every island has different traditions. ;-D

    Glad you enjoyed it. UR welcome about the b-day wish. ;-D

  10. Haha, I remember that post. I'm glad something I wrote could invoke such deep memories for you.

    It's a good post, I certainly learnt a few things about you and life in general.

  11. Hi, Amelia!

    Ligonberries: finally I got to see them :)! I know you said they're hard to chew, but I found them delicious *yummy*!

    LOL You are a big fan of food aren't you? lol...

    The flowers are beautiful! Now that's cold there, are there still any flowers?

    The landscape is beautiful...I must reiterate something: you are indeed a gifted photographer: congrats *bowing*!


  12. Shan: Yeah, that's why I love reading other people's posts. SO many inspirations out there he he he...

    Max: Yeah, I'm a big fan of food allright HE HE HE HE...LOL!!!

    Yes, there are still flowers here but they're starting to wither. Leaves have started to fall on the ground.

    THANKS for your compliment about my pics, Max!!! ;-D I took plenty of them to make sure I took good ones HE HE HE...

  13. Hi Amel,
    I was tagged with a meme today. I have never had one before and I don't really think I want one again, but I will play along this time.

    I have tagged you in return. I hope you don't mind.

  14. Hi amel,
    I read the post on meeting your was a journey but God had already planned for you guys to be together.
    Good post.I met my husband on the internet too

  15. Frasy: So you met him through the internet, as well? WOW!!! How long have you two been married now? Yeah, it was a very long and winding journey and I'm GLAD I'm here now he he he...Glad that God's finally put us together. ;-D