Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My New Pipo

I'd been wanting to have a cute pipo (woolen hat) for some time. However, the one I liked at the souvenir store was so expensive. Yesterday Arttu told me that there was an open market again at the city centre. Every now and then, at the open "car park" at the city centre there are lots of stands, mostly food and clothing stands. There's at least one coffee/bun stand, two sausage stands, a few candy stands, plenty of clothing stands, and a few wooden chair/basket stands. So yesterday I went there and found a cute pipo. There were a few selections of cute pipo, ranging from €10-20. I picked the middle price, €15. I was SOOOOO HAPPY that when my hubby came home, I put it on and showed it off to him HO HO HO HO...He was laughing like a madman when he saw me prancing around with my new pipo. ;-D I couldn't help it!!! LOL!!! Here are the pics of the pipo:

Yeah, errr...the second pose was slightly overboard 'coz I was tired of posing normally ha ha ha ha ha... And below are the pics I took last Saturday. It was foggy when we went to my in-laws, as you can see from the pics. It was lovely, though! ;-D

Does anyone know the name of the flower in the pic below? I found it unusual. Found it in my mother-in-law's house and it was the first time I'd ever seen such a flower.

For those of you who wondered about the above pic: YES, the sun looked EXACTLY like that! ;-D Btw, this is a pic of the land behind my in-laws' property. Their cabin is located at the end of this patch of land (near the lake).

Below is a pic of their man-made pond. They used to grow fish there, but I don't think they use it anymore. It's located very near the cabin, on the opposite side of the lake.

The lake in autumn:

As you all know by now, Finland landscape is flat compared to other countries. No mountains here. There are a few hills here in Lapland for people to ski, but Arttu says that in southern Finland it's even flatter.

And here are some other pics I took:


  1. Amel, you wear your pipo well. I love the Saturday Night Fever pose ;-)

  2. Hi Amel! This is Marie of mylot. I saw your link there and since I am familiar to blogger.com coz I am also a member here so I decided to drop by. You've got a wonderful site. As to my site, I just started on August, way too far too go. hehhee...Your pipo is beautiful and you look pretty in it.

  3. Ha-ha you look so cute!! The pictures of the trees are so overwhelming as well. I really wish I could be somewhere to experience the four seasons...My eldest sis keeps on probing me to come to Italy again, but can’t leave my hubby here!! Ha ha...of course, he’ll come with me but it would be a waste of money if it’s only a short visit (hubby has to work) since the air fares are expensive. It’s worth it if we stay for more than a month!! Hmm...we’ll see...;P

  4. I learned something new today! I didn't know what a pipo was, but now I do. You look very cute in it. I love all the pictures!

  5. Fish: HE HE HE...Glad you like it!!! ;-D

    Marie: Welcome!!! THANKS for your compliment on my blog. I'll take a look at yours.

    Choc Mint Girl: THANKS, Crystal!!! Yeah, this is my first autumn here and I've been amazed at all the trees here. I know what you mean about the air fares - it's really killing me, too!!! And you're right...it'd be cheaper to visit Europe for more than a month...if someday you and your hubby have time off that long, you SHOULD do it, though! ;-D

  6. Kathy: Yeah, I decided to write it "pipo" so that everybody would know what it meant he he he...Glad you enjoyed the pics. THANKS for your compliment! ;-D

  7. Hey Amel, I have a pipo too. You look so cute in yours! The pictures are lovely too.

  8. Blur Ting: I LOVE pipo!!! Because it's so cold here sometimes, it's just SO nice to have your ears covered up he he he...Glad you enjoy the pics! ;-D