Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old Crushes

I've been a member of Friendster for several years. It's a bit like Facebook or My Space. You can find your old schoolmates or old friends there by typing in their names or their email addresses. Funny thing is that over the past week, I've found two guys I used to have a crush on. It was back in Junior High School and it reminded me of wonderful memories of gazing at them (droolingly) from afar, admiring them without their knowing about it.

I don't remember much about one of them since he was a year older than me, so I didn't get to see him often. So when I saw his picture in Friendster, I was a bit surprised since I didn't recognize him anymore. Well, it's been around 15 years. What could I expect, eh?

I remember the other guy perfectly, though. In fact, I have one memorable story about him. We were in the same class on the third grade in Junior High School and I admired the guy since he was funny and cute. He was the class clown, so to speak. He had so many friends and rumor said that he had a girlfriend already, another girl in my class. But I didn't care about that. All I wanted to do was glance at him every now and then and if possible had a chance to talk to him.

You should know that in Indo, we don't have a big indoor cafeteria or dining room for everybody to eat together. We only have some canteens where you can buy food and drinks and you can eat on your own desk or on some benches outside the classrooms. So wipe away the image of a huge cafeteria or dining room from your head. The only chance we get to interact is either in the classroom or in the laboratory or during recess. Even during recess kids usually group with their usual close friends and they don't mingle together too much. School starts at around 7 am and ends at around 1 pm. Sometimes then we have a Physics or Biology lab class starting at around 2 pm till 4 pm (only once a week).

Anyhow, I was thrilled since the guy was in the same Physics and Biology lab group with me. The school coordinated us into groups based on our names in alphabetical order. Since the guy's first name started from A as well, then he belonged to the same group as I did. At least I could talk to him while we worked on our lab assignments. YIHHHAAAA!!!

After having a crush on him for a month or two, I got VERY VERY LUCKY!!! Until then, our class teacher allowed us to sit with anybody we wanted to, and mostly girls sat with other girls. However, upon noticing that our grades had slowly begun to worsen, he thought it was due to the fact that we kept on talking to one another instead of focusing on our lessons. Thus he decided to draw a map of the desks and made sure each girl sat next to a guy. And whom did he assign me to sit next to? YEEEESSSS!!! That guy I had a crush on!!! I couldn't believe my luck.

The day we were supposed to follow my class teacher's order, my heart went pitter-patter when I walked to my classroom. It was just crazy!!! However, turned out I had fun sitting next to him, of course he he he he he...Maybe my feelings were quite obvious to my closest friends, 'coz they started teasing me a lot about him. I never told them that I had a crush on him, though, until years later.

After a few months, unfortunately the teacher decided to give us back our freedom. However, at least I had the time of my life during the few months! I would make sure I wore my tighter skirt and I'd done up my hair nicely (I had long hair back then) and I was ready to help him whenever he needed it. He used to borrow my eraser a lot and sometimes he even put it in his own pencil case!!! Then I would be confused where my eraser went and after a long while, I'd find it in his pencil case. He loved doing silly stuff such as singing in between lessons and then leaning close to me with such a funny face, pretending to serenade me with his voice. My closest friends would laugh at me when they saw me being "cornered" by him while he was doing it as I'd definitely blush. Ahhhh...those were funny moments. ;-D

It's just nice to find my old crushes and finding out how they're doing these days. It's amazing how the internet can connect so many people EVERYWHERE. I still have at least three more old crushes and now I'm also wondering how they're doing. I never gathered up enough courage to do anything much with them, though. But still they were lovely memories. Butterflies in the stomach, blushing every now and then, and the whole shebang. ;-D


  1. What a cute story! I'm so old, I don't even remember half the people's names I went to school with.

  2. Hey, Lori!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and hope you're getting better and better one step at a time about dealing with your son's leaving home.

    Trust me, I've also forgotten some of the names of the people I went to school with. Gladly we have our class pictures with their names below it in the last grade of Junior High School and High School, so I got to remember them again.

    However, I've found that I've forgotten lots of my ex university friends' names, though I remember their faces he he he...

  3. Even at my age, I still remember things like that when I was in junior high school. That was a nice story.

  4. Kathy: He he he...those are wonderful memories, right? ;-D

  5. I had a crush on a boy in our high school with whom I was in the drama group. Girls would never ask boys out directly, and vice versa - you always got your friends to do it for you.

    One friend asked R out for me and he agreed. Within a day, I had decided I didn't want to go out with him any more and plucked up the courage to 'finish' with him. I was quite horrified when he turned to me in astonishment and stated that he had said no when asked to be my boyfriend. Oh, the shame!

    The tables were turned a few years ago, though, when we started chatting through a school site. He then asked me out, properly! We dated for a time, but it never went anywhere - and we had a good laugh catching up on things.

  6. Agnes: THANKS for sharing your story. Oooooh...girls and guys wouldn't ask one another directly? I think in my age girls still waited for guys to ask them out.

    Nice memories with R, though. ;-D