Thursday, September 13, 2007

3BT: August 13, 2007

1. Being missed by one of my cousins whom I haven't met since a few years ago he he he he...

2. My own homemade strawberry bread pudding without following any particular recipe and it turned out good. YUM YUM...

3. Having managed to get rid of my laziness and get my ass off my chair to exercise with Billy Blanks. YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!! ;-D

4. Remembering my ex home (by writing down the post about security blanket and browsing through some of the old pics I brought to Finland) made me feel warm. ;-D That used to be my home and now my home is here with my hubby. Home sweet home. ;-D


5. Stars in the sky. The nights have gotten so dark nowadays (as opposed to Midnight Sun during summer), so we can see the stars clearly. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!

6. Holding hands with my hubby while watching movies. MMMMMM...To think that death may come tomorrow to get me, it makes the moments feel MUCH more intense and yummy. ;-D

7. Physical pain. For when we are able to feel physical pain, then we are able to detect early on what's wrong with us.


  1. I am back and alive!!! I just hope you are doing okay after your starting your new exercise program. Are you sore?LOL!!! I could use some of that myself:)~jackie

  2. Jackie: Glad to hear you're back and OK!!!! Oh, no, it's not a new exercise program. I just felt lazy to do it today, though he he he...but I'm glad I managed to push myself hi hi hi...

  3. Star gazing always takes one's breath away.
    I love to do star gazing in the winter when I lay on the snow, make a big snow angel, while looking upon heaven.

  4. Mother Hen: Yeah, star gazing always makes us feel SO small, doesn't it? I haven't had a chance to make a snow angel, so I'll do that later he he he he...;-D