Sunday, September 02, 2007

Blogging Star Award + 3BT Weekend Wrap

Max has bestowed me this award. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for this award, Girl!!!

I'd love to share this award with these following bloggers:

Agnes and Matt
for having been cracking me up with their sense of humour and for having shown their opinions blatantly (BRAVO for that) and for having been informative with a twist. *wink*

for being such a WONDERFUL writer. She has a special way with words. She makes me almost able to see, smell, or taste anything she wants to tell the readers and I keep coming back for more to see, smell, or taste. It's addictive!!! I admire her for that ability. She's also been there in the toughest period of my life, the first 2-3 months in Finland, and I'm FOREVER grateful for that! :-D

Amber for having written such intelligent, mind-tickling, informative, and creative posts. I admire her for being her. :-D

for having been courageous enough to face her demons and ghosts without being cynical or bitter. I admire her for that, for holding on to the good and the present and future, not to the past. I also LOVE the way she writes her stories. I LOVE how she shares her most intimate feelings honestly even though she may have a hard time pouring the words out in her posts. You ROCK, Girl!!! ;-D


Now on to my 3BT Weekend Wrap:

1. Tickling my hubby's face with my hair when he was just waking up from nap. *tee-hee*

2. Watching my hubby exert extra determination not to laugh or giggle or move any part of his face while being tickled by me, yet ending up shedding tears as he couldn't handle it any longer. LOL!!!!!

3. Having lots of trees around this apt. building means I can always figure out how hard the wind blows. This is vital for me as the wind chill factor affects the temperature and thus it affects which kind of clothes I have to wear before I go out.

4. Mother-in-law told us to buy the kind of bread we wanted to have along with the meal she had prepared. In the end she gave us the bread!!! I chose the bread and I ended up bringing it home. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Thank GOD for such a KIND mother-in-law!!!

5. Pancakes! I made my own pancakes on Friday - the first time I made them myself using my hubby's fave recipe. I only busted one piece. The rest came out nicely enough. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY for me!!! ;-D

6. Hubby kissing me and saying thank you right after he had my pancakes. Boy, that felt GOOD!!! ;-D

7. Listening to the radio on our road trip (it took 25 minutes by car to my in-laws) plus being surrounded by nature. MMMMMMMMMMM...


  1. Thanks very much for the award, Amel - jolly decent of you, old gel!
    Glad you had a good weekend. Checking the wind chill factor out is something I have been doing this weekend, too - for some reason, the NW of England is being bombarded with high winds, and it's turned autumnal almost overnight. Time to dust off my long johns, I reckon!

  2. Agnes: MY pleasure!!!

    Yeah, over here it's been cold as well. And in one part of western Finland, it SNOWED already the other day. Can you believe it? Snow at the end of August?!?!?!?!

    I've been wearing my long john already (not the thick one, though) he he he...I'm still a tropical girl he he he...Gonna take years to get used to this Snowy country's temperature range, I reckon. ;-D

  3. That's very kind of you, Amel! But Agnes won't let me touch the award, or even borrow it for a bit, so I am going to shave her eyebrows off at the next Hex My Ex general meeting!


  4. Matt: Oh, that's TOO BAD, Matt. Shave her eyebrows? No wonder Agnes said you were the Master of Punishment HI HI HI HI...LOL!!!

  5. Thank you I'm honoured:):):)
    That was such a cute list. Even I have a darling mom in law. She's visiting these days that's why haven't been on blogger much - and the rest of the time having problems seeing people's new posts.

  6. Amber: HURRAY for WONDERFUL mother-in-laws!!!!!!! No wonder you haven't been blogging much. ENJOY your time with her! ;-D

  7. Hey you!

    Don't mention it, Girl: you deserve it :)!

    Your mom-in-law is cute and kind indeed :)!
    LOL so, you managed to do them pancakes, huh? I salute you, Amelia *bowing*!


  8. Hahaha, congratulations!!

    And oh, seems you're having a great time with your husband!!

    Keep it all up and that's it, enjoy life!!!!

  9. Max: THANKS, Girl!!! Yeah, I managed to do the pancakes he he he...

    Shan: Yeah, trying to enjoy life as best as I can. ;-D THANKS for the encouragement!