Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update on Everything

Weather Prediction:

It's going to go down to 0'C during the nights this weekend.

Finnish Course:

Yesterday there was another student coming (another Russian). YAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! We are all SO happy 'coz the more students there are, the bigger the chance is to have a continuation course next spring.

Based on the third course, I realize that grammar-wise, I'm not that bad, even though speaking-wise, I'm probably at the bottom three 'coz I haven't practised that much. Hey, but at least I'm not that bad he he he...I'm SO grateful the course only starts now, not right away when I first moved here, so I had time still to learn bits about this and that and memorize some vocabulary.

All in all, I THOROUGHLY enjoy our lessons, esp. as I get to meet more people this way he he he he he...

Physical Health:

Yesterday I had a headache. I was wondering why again, 'coz I had been exercising regularly and taking vitamins, as well. Finally I couldn't handle it anymore as it got worse during the eve, so I took a Panadol. Then my belly started rumbling, though not due to hunger. It was SO GASSY! I couldn't let the gas out the natural way! No wonder I had a headache! I haven't been farting for a few days already and I should've known it was a bad sign. Yeah, I'm a farting lady hi hi hi...but if I don't fart, that means there's something wrong with me. Once I found out the problem, I asked my husband to coin me again (scrape my back with a coin and some balm to make red marks).
He said I was a masochist when I said, "Ooohhhh, that felt SO good" as he was scraping my back hi hi hi...and only after that I managed to fart over and over again. Ah, the joy of farting!!!

I must say I'm proud of him 'coz he's getting better and better at coining me HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...^____________________________^

Inner Self:

I think I've managed to conquer some inner problem that I've been having lately. It was a tough battle for me, but for some reason now I feel light and I LOVE that feeling. I've always been someone who takes some things too personally sometimes. It's really one of my sore spots. What makes it worse is that I tend to keep score cards (I tend to have high expectations for those I deem important). Sometimes I don't even realize that I'm keeping them and then BOOM!!! A blaring alarm suddenly shakes my entire being and only then I knew "a bit too late" that I had already done one of the worst mistakes in my life. But hey, better late than never, right? He he he he...

Now I feel free like a bird. Free from that score cards and free from taking things personally. I know that this may be one of my lifelong battles (just like cynicism), but I ain't gonna let them win no matter what. I LOVE this feeling. ;-D It feels GOOD to sleep or walk or do anything with a clear conscience. ;-D


My husband had to do his yearly car check-up this morning. We'll see how it goes. If it doesn't pass the test, he's given a month to fix it and then go and have another test. If he doesn't pass it, they won't let him drive the car around. In Indonesia, nothing like this has ever happened, so you can see VERY OLD cars running around the streets anywhere. My husband said that if it proved to be too expensive to fix the car (it IS old already), he would opt to buy a used car on installment.


  1. You make me laugh so much, especially in the physical health part! I have never heard about scraping a coin on the back to help with this. Is it a coin like money?
    Hope your headache is better today!

  2. Kathy: LOL!!! Glad I could make you laugh. Coining's a very common practice in Indonesia. Yes, you can use any kind of coin, actually, as long as you clean it first. The bigger, the better as you can grip more of it.

    THANKS, my headache's gone already today. YIIIPPPIIIIEEEEEEE!!! ;-D

  3. With me it's belching. If I get back ache at night.. I have to belch! THen my husband has to rub my back - HARD. So hard I had bruises once.

    Weird, but it does work.

    By the way - I really relate to the CAR bit. Scotland is the same as Finland and South Africa is the same as Indo. Back in SA we drive cars till they fall apart. Here in Scotland they get check ups every year! :-O

  4. Michelle: Belching, eh? Rubbing your back hard till there were bruises? it's a bit like coining he he he...I can't belch much, though. That's why I prefer farting hi hi hi... SA it's also like in Indo, eh? INTERESTING!!!! Indeed people in Indo drive cars till they fall apart he he he...