Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3BT: September 24, 2007

1. Buying a cute pipo that I'd been wanting for some time and found one with a reasonable price. *grin*

2. Watching X-Men 1 again with my hubby (we're both big fans of X-Men) with our new stereo surround system ---> he won a kind of F1 guessing game so he used the money to buy that.

3. Helping my hubby untangle the cables of the many speakers he he he he...

4. Helping him find a place to put his VHS videos ('coz now one of the shelf's used to put one of the many speakers).

5. Talking to my friend via Skype and finding out that she was fine. She's 6.5 month pregnant and the other day she told me that she felt contractions already over and over again, so she was treated in a hospital to make sure the fetus was fine. Actually, she's a doctor who works in a mission hospital in Borneo, Kalimantan. I haven't heard her voice since last November, so it felt SO nice to talk to her, even for just a few minutes. ;-D

6. Tickling my hubby and hearing him purr contentedly like a cat ha ha ha ha...


  1. You sound like you are living a happy life. Glad you found a new Pipo.

  2. I really like X-men as well. You and your husband sound so cute together - it's heartwarming to see your love for him. May you have a long HAPPY life together!

  3. Mark: Yeah, I LOVE my life right now. ;-D THANKS for visiting my blog.

    Random: You like it too??? HE HE HE...Well, sometimes I feel like a little kid when I'm with my hubby 'coz we both act like kids once in a while he he he...THANKS for your well-wish, Amber. ;-D