Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Pics

Saturday started off brilliantly sunny. There was NO single cloud in the sky, not even a tiny one. It was around 12-13'C. Then I saw some breathtaking pics, as well.

Let me start with a pic of us he he he he...

And then some pics of the moon in the sky. The only thing bothering me is the electric cables. ARRRGGHHH!!!!

I find it interesting that when it gets dark here, it doesn't get "black" all over right away like in Indonesia, but there are gradations of colours in the sky. Unfortunately my pic doesn't do justice (again), but at least you know what I mean, right? He he he he he...


  1. Hey Amelia!!!

    I must congratulate you, once again, for the amazing pics: they are awesome! My favourite one was the last one...magical!

    You look good in your pre-winter look :)!


  2. Max: GLAD you enjoyed 'em, Girl!!! Yeah, I understand what you mean about the last pic. I was fascinated all the way home about the gradation he he he he...

    THANKS for your compliment about my look. ;-D I can't imagine how "funny" I'll look later on when I have to put on many layers of clothes when real winter starts hi hi hi hi...

  3. Love the sunset picture, the last one! You and your hubby are an adorable couple!

  4. Wow, the sunset picture is amazing. Must be so awesome seeing it in real life!

  5. Here come the lovebirds... :D

    I must say the pics are like those ones I’ve seen in postcards. They are just so mild and calm. You are lucky to be there. Cherish every moment!! ;P

  6. Wonderful and lovely lovely that I think you are totally fabulous. So would you please stop by and pick up a little present I have for you:)God Bless~jackie

  7. Kathy: Everybody seems to love the last pic hi hi hi hi...THANKS for your compliment! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, I had to tamper with the pic (adjust the brightness level and all that) 'coz the real one I took was TOO dark he he he...It's MUCH better if you guys can see it in real life indeed.

    Choc Mint Girl: Glad you enjoyed the pics. ;-D Yeah, I'm really lucky to be in such a serene place. ;-D THANKS for the reminder, Crystal. I intend on cherishing every moment! ;-D

    Shinade: OH, Jackie, another gift? OK I'll go to your blog right away he he he...THANKS A LOT in advance!!! ;-D God bless you, too!!!

  8. Pretty pics especially the last one.

    Salam dari Pittsburgh, PA