Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3BT: September 11, 2007

1. Watching a daredevil squirrel walking along the electricity cable from my kitchen window.

2. Reddish and yellowish leaves remind me of seasons in life: birth, death, meetings, goodbyes.

3. A pretty ivy plant on one side of an apartment building.

4. Buying chips for tonight's supply while we watch a movie together. YEEEESSSS!!!!

5. Receiving an SMS from my brother this morning. ;-D

6. Receiving good news from a close friend of mine about her new job as a substitute teacher. WAY TO GO, Girl!!! ;-D


  1. Wonderful simple pleasures of life !
    I miss my brother a lot too

  2. Frasy: Yeah, I can understand that. Being an expat means we're gonna miss a lot of people back in our hometown, eh?

  3. Yeah the leaves are changing.
    Another season comes and goes.

  4. Mother Hen: Yeah, nowadays it's only around 8-10'C during the day, so whenever I go out, I put on my woolen gloves and hat. ;-D

  5. It is wonderful Amel that you enjoy every moment of life.
    God bless.

  6. Surjit: I'm trying to do it as best as I can. :-D God bless you too!

  7. Chips and a movie? Sounds like a wonderful evening to me!


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