Friday, September 21, 2007

Hannibal Rising

Anybody seen this movie? I was at first a bit skeptical about the actor who'd play as young Hannibal Lecter, Gaspard Ulliel. I thought that Anthony Hopkins was PERFECT as old Hannibal Lecter. I always remember how he pronounced Jodie Foster's character's name, "Clarice" with a crazed look on his face. However, turned out that Gaspard managed to impress me. I think he was WONDERFUL as young Hannibal Lecter. ;-D

I don't know why I like horror movies, but I've always liked them. My hubby loves them, too, so we do watch them a lot at home he he he...I like thrillers or ghost stories or even bloody scenes. My fave horror movies are Saw Trilogy and The Ring Trilogy (the original Japanese versions).

My Dad used to say, "What's the use of watching movies that could scare you?" He he he he...Oh well...

Anybody here a horror movie fan, as well? Well, here's the link to the movie: Hannibal Rising.


  1. Yeah, I think it was Hannible though.

    Mine was about Hannible defeating the Romans though.

    I have to check it out :) Sounds like fun, I becoming a major movie buff these days :)

  2. Maybe cos you watched too many potianak movies in Indonesia, or Orang Miniak! Those black and white movies are spooky.

  3. Shan: Yep, go check it out. I wanna see how you like the young Hannibal he he he...But no, you're wrong, it's spelled Hannibal he he he...

    Blur: mean Kuntilanak? Well, those black-and-white ones were old movies...there are lots of new horror movies that are equally horrifying, but actually I don't watch a lot of Indonesian horror movies he he he he he...I like Japanese ones better. ;-D