Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Old One

Sunday, August 28, 2005

At one point in life, the desire to mate mutates into a desire to create something extraordinarily beautiful and ancient. The kind of creation that is beyond comprehension, logic, everything!!! The world of love without boundary or limit. An unconditional love that can be so fierce in its protective arms. The kind of love that's only been given to me without my full comprehension of its depth and width and volume, or its depthlessness, widthlessness, and volumelessness.

Suffice it to say that experience IS the greatest teacher.

What I understand now it only a part of the secret I'll experience fully one day. I'd never thought I'd lived to see this day coming this fast!

The lovely creation changes everything. The lovely creation is everywhere. I was once it and I'm glad for it.



P.S. Wonder what this is all about? A baby. When one of my closest friends gave birth and I'd been there with her during the pregnancy, it opened up a WHOLE new world for me. I'd never felt that feminine before. ;-D I was totally amazed at the miracle of procreation in a very personal way.

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