Friday, September 21, 2007

More Autumn Pics

Yesterday I walked around downtown and went as far as the river as it was a sunny day (though it was only 7'C). I also took a short video clip of the river and its surroundings. Finland is a land of thousands of lakes. You can find lots of bodies of water anywhere (lake, pond, river, you name it!). OK, without further ado, here are the pics. ENJOY them!!!

The above pic looked like I was in some forest, right? But I wasn't he he he...This place is right on the left side of the row of trees with yellow leaves. ;-D

Two pics below are the pics of the river in Sodankylä. The pics don't do justice to the real thing. I think you may see it a bit better in the video clip below he he he...

For some reason I fell in love with this row of green trees in front of my neighbour's house. They're just so PERFECT in my opinion as a "fence", don't you think so? I had to take the pic pretty fast 'coz the house right in front of this one had a big lawn and the dogs kept on barking on me while I stood in front of it to take this pic. YARGH!!! He he he he he...

OK, last but not least, the video clip:


  1. After seeing all these pictures, it's no wonder finland is #1! I want to move there now.

  2. Vic: HE HE HE HE HE...Glad you enjoyed the pics. ;-D

  3. Oh those are LOVELY photos, Amel.

    I have come to love autumn here in Scotland. I love the colours of the trees and the smell of coal fires as it gets colder, and the way the cold air makes you feel so awake and ALIVE.


  4. I love the pictures! I should have some pictures posted tomorrow of some things in my town.

  5. You need to become a professional photgrapher, you have talent!

    I love the fourth one where you're sitting on the log, fabulous place!

    Makes me so nostalgic and I have no idea why lol!

  6. Autumn is my FAVORITE season. I just love the beauty, the smells, EVERYTHING about it. Thanks for sharing these pictures. (And thanks for sharing some of your favorite words on my last post.)

  7. Beautiful! I can imagine myself sitting there, feeling the cool (or cold) air.

  8. To everybody: GLAD you enjoyed the pics. ;-D

    Michelle: It's my first autumn here and so far I'm amazed by the view. It's so colourful and breathtaking. ;-D I'm not too fond of the cold air, though he he he he...

    Kathy: Looking forward to seeing some pics of your town!

    Shan: Professional photographer? I would LOVE to learn more about photography he he he...THANKS for your compliment. The fourth pic you mentioned - I simply put the camera on top of a table (there were some tables and benches there) and set the timer. ;-D

    Jana: Ah, an autumn lover!!! This is my first autumn so I'm just trying to absorb everything before winter comes he he he...UR welcome about commenting on your post. ;-D

    Blur: Glad my pics could take your imagination far away he he he...