Sunday, September 23, 2007

When The Student's Ready, The Teacher'll Appear

I can't believe this. Lately I've been struggling with some personal issues and I've been praying for answers. The funny thing is, I guess when you're really ready to get the answers, you'll find them EVERYWHERE, even in other people's blogs. This is just AMAZING!!! I'm really thankful for getting answers and I'm not getting them only once, but repeatedly. It feels GOOD to know that I'm getting the kind of encouragement that I truly need.

I'll write more later on. I have some stories to tell about my weekend he he he he...

Btw, here's the answer I got today and I THANK GOD for all His encouraging words:

Rabbi Harold Kushner writes, "I have seen weak people become strong, timid people become brave, selfish people become generous. I have seen people care for their elderly parents, for brain damaged children, for spouses in wheelchairs, for years, even decades, and I have asked myself, where do people get the strength to keep doing that for so long? Where do they get the resources of love and loyalty to keep going? The only answer I come up with is when we are weary and out of strength, we turn to God and God renews our strength, so we can run and not grow weary, so that we can walk and not feel faint." (Ron Newhouse)


  1. That is so true. I recognize that from the Bible. The Bible also tells us that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. Thanks for the great encouragment!

  2. Kathy: I knew you'd understand he he he...glad you enjoyed it! ;-D

  3. Those are indeed very encouraging and inspiring words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Choc Mint Girl: UR very welcome. ;-D