Tuesday, September 04, 2007

8 Random Facts Meme (Again)

Yeah, Agnes just tagged me to do this meme and I decided to play along. Again. Just to test my creativity hi hi hi...

1. I don't use perfume. No, thank you very much. Perfume is EXPENSIVE. I prefer deodorant on my armpits. I'm happy with deodorant and the price is pretty reasonable.

2. I LOVE Claude Monet's paintings. Breathtaking!!! I used to have a THICK book of his biography PLUS paintings in smaller sizes of course. I used to LOVE gazing at some of my fave paintings in the book for minutes on end. I LOVE being transported right into his paintings, to places I've never been. ;-D

My fave paintings of his are: The Rouen Cathedral, Manneporte (Etretat), Boats and Regatta at Argenteuil, Japanese Foot Bridge at Giverny, The Magpie.

3. I'm not a really perfectionist or diligent housekeeper. I leave the bed as is (read: in a state of disarray) without trying to make my bed every day. Hey, my hubby doesn't complain and I don't mind! ;-D As a matter of fact, I should start cleaning up the house again today (dusting and sucking all the dirt with a vacuum cleaner)!!! HI HI HI HI...

4. Since moving to Finland, I shower only every other day. My mother asked me about this the other day, wondering how often I showered here. My brother thought that I must've showered once a week only. Bad boy!!! He's SO naughty!!! LOL!!!

5. I shave two parts of my body every single day (I don't need to tell you which, right?) *wink* I like it that way, cleaner and nicer for me.

6. I LOVE getting a massage. It's SO relaxing, addictive, and it's such a treat for me. My hubby and I went to a spa in Bali to get a full-body massage (our beds were arranged next to each other) and it was SO heavenly. So if we ever go on another honeymoon, I'll make sure I include a massage he he he...P.S. I know that not everybody loves a massage 'coz a friend of mine doesn't. She says it tickles her, so she doesn't enjoy it hi hi hi...

7. I used to dream of being a writer someday. I started writing on some stories already, but I never really finished any. Lack of discipline or something. I found that once I reread the story I'd started writing, it sounded awful, so I never finished any of my stories.

8. I don't like wearing dresses or skirts too much. I'm a jeans/pants girl. When I'm in the mood, I sure do like to dress up and put on some make-up, but ever since moving here, I prefer wearing pants, thank you very much, especially when it's COLD out there. I've also started going out WITHOUT make-up here since it's too impractical plus I have to buy new ones regularly. Can't afford THAT, plus my hubby likes me this way. ;-D He calls make-up "fake-up". But I'm sure there'll be moments when I feel like putting on some make-up someday...Hey, I'm still a GIRL even though I'm a tomboy, I have my GIRLY moments too!!! ;-D


  1. Hi Amel! I also do not wear perfume, but my reason is because it gives me a headache. Good-smelling bath powder works well (and yes of course deodorant!) And like you, I am not the best housekeeper in the world, but I do the part that is necessary; and then I freak out and clean like crazy if we are having visitors! I don't want them to see what a terrible housekeeper I am.

  2. Kathy: YES, a strong-smelling perfume gives me headache as well. ;-D

    YES, I understand also COMPLETELY the need to clean up like crazy when there are visitors. I also cleaned up MUCH better when my brother in-laws came to spend some nights at our place HE HE HE HE...;-D