Wednesday, January 23, 2008

12345 Meme

Juliana tagged me to do this meme, but I'm not going to tag anyone.

1. Name 1 thing you do everyday : SLEEP!!! LOL!!!

2. Name 2 things you wish you could learn : Photography and First Aid.

3. Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood : my second set of parents, my playmates, and clothes that my Mom sewed herself for me.

4. Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do : Chinese food, Indonesian food, Sundanese food, seafood!!! Everything I used to eat in Indonesia which I can't eat here!

5. Name 5 things that make you feel good : Peace of mind, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, balance in life, and my loved ones.


  1. i agree no.4 hi hi hi hi...everything is expensive

  2. Jul: HE HE HE HE...Well, at least you can find them there, but here I can't even find Asian stores he he he...

  3. I would be so sad if I'm deprived of my fav food for so long!

  4. Blur Ting: Well, that's the price I have to pay for love he he he he...

  5. Eat and sleep. Best things to do. He he he he he... ;D

  6. Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA...You know me!!! :-D