Friday, January 18, 2008

More Awards

Arlene has shared this award with me. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Arlene!!! ;-D

And my dear friend Jackie has shared another award with me.

This award originated from Ann, who elaborated the meaning of this award as such:

"Most of us know who and what cheers us up- what we don't know is how we cheer up others or if we're making a difference in their lives. That's because we let too much time go by without telling those we appreciate how much they mean to us, until it's too late and the opportunity slips away."

"The bloggers I nominated cheer me up like Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, a box of Peanut Butter Panic from Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and a copy of a picture I have in my home of Lucy and Ethel on the job at a candy company."

Here's what Jackie has to say about me (which I TRULY APPRECIATE!!!!!!!):

Amel even in my darkest moments you have never once failed to turn up with a wonderful and inspiring pick me up. You have stood by me through thick and thin over and over. You are one of my all time favorites. I count you among my best friends ever in the blogging world. And I am always lifted up whenever I visit your site and read anything on any given day. You never fail to be positive and inspiring.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words, Jackie!!! It's always good to know that in the blogosphere I'm considered a best friend and my blog is enjoyable.

I'd love to share this "You Cheer Me Up Award" with the following bloggers who've cheered me up whenever they visit my blog and some of them write funny posts, too, that truly crack me up he he he he...Without all of you, my life would be half empty!!!


  1. Congratulations to you Amel! You deserve all these awards. And thank you so much for passing it on to me. I would pass it on to you if I had gotten it first! Thanks!

  2. Jay: THANKS!!! ;-D

    Kathy: THANKS and UR welcome he he he...

  3. Thanks Amel! You truly deserve this award cos you're the most cheerful girl in blogland!

  4. Congrats and thank you. You definately deserve the awards. I always look forward to reading your blog even when I'm down it brings me up.

  5. Kasper: THANKS and UR welcome, Dawn. And THANK YOU for your kind words. It means A LOT to me. :-))))

  6. You blog is always full of laughter & I love visiting you. Thanks for passing the award to me. It did cheer me up :)

  7. Amel,
    You have shown that you are a true blue blogger friend. I am so honored to know that you are my blogger friend. I thank you for this award and I hope I can be as good a blogger friend as you have been to me.

  8. CONGRATS, Amel!!! Thank you for your lovely words. Hey, I think you haven't collected your awards at Liza's (A Simple Life). ;D

  9. Thanks, Amel for this award :D I really appreciate.

  10. Amelia,
    Thank you for thinking of me. I will post it shortly.

  11. Janice: THANKS for your kind words. :-))) And MY pleasure if I can cheer you up in any way. ;-D

    Sindi: I'm also GLAD we met, Sindi! ;-D You're such a joyful, fun person and you've been a GREAT blogger friend to me. ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: OOPS! THANKS for the reminder. I did write down the post, but forgot to publish it...>____<

    Jul: UR welcome, Jul! ;-D

    MMP: GREAT! ;-D

  12. wah Amel, congrats for the awards and thank you so much for passing it to me as well... :-)

    sorry been busy training new maid etc etc.. can't visit your blog as often as before...

  13. Trinity: THANKS and MY pleasure. ;-D No worries. I know you're busy he he he...

  14. Amelia,

    My Girl!!!

    Congrats for your well deserved awards *clap clap clap*! Ann's words are incredible :D!

    Thank you so much for giving me this award, it means a lot (and it is nice to know that I cheer you up :D)! If you must know, you cheer me up too...well, needless to say that you are my girl! My gorgeous! :D

    Thanks once again: I love it :)!


  15. Max: THANKS and UR welcome. :-))) You've been there since my early blogging days, Max. :-))) Cheering me up, encouraging me he he he...

    (((HUGE HUGS)))

    Love you, dear friend! ;-D