Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Audio Advertisement on Your Blog!

Want to get more income from your blog? Well, Net Audio Ads gives you an opportunity to earn from your blog by introducing Pay Per Play advertising, which has been around for 2.5 years. Basically it means that every time a visitor comes into your blog, he or she will hear a 5 second audio advertisement. The good news is that the advertisement only plays one time, so your visitors won't be bugged as they have to listen to non-stop advertisements.

Another good news is that the ads they play are related to your blog content. What's more, you don't earn money per click, but per play, so if your blog has many visitors, you'll definitely earn more.

Your basic commission would be 25% of the revenue spent by the advertisers. Plus you can also earn more money by getting referrals (5% of the revenue spent by the advertisers and another 5% from those blogs that your direct referrals bring to join the site). And if you want to know how often they pay you, well, the good news is that they pay you weekly. I personally think that weekly payment is a very good payment system, don't you?

Now you're probably wondering about the cost, eh? Well, joining the site is free. All you need to do is just complete the form and then get your Pay Per Play codes and put them in your blog. If all this sounds interesting to you, why don't you join now?

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