Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Blessing in Disguise

Today I received an SMS concerning our evening classes. It seems they are now postponed to a later date. It seems that our teacher is on a long-term sick leave. You think that's bad news? Turned out it was good news HE HE HE HE HE...

Why? Because today came a letter for me from the employment office. The letter states that the full-time Finnish course for foreigners is going to start from February 4th until July 10th. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! It's REALLY going to happen!

So it was good that the evening classes haven't started yet 'coz otherwise we would have paid the money to them and then we'd have to drop that class once the full-time course starts. The full-time course is not only free, but I'll probably get some money afterward from the government since I'm then listed as a full-time student. Another YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! ;-D

That means that even though I can't blog for money a lot during the full-time course period (especially if I get lots of homework every day), I don't have to worry about getting some income.

The bad news is that I won't have much time to blog or blog-hop. I'll also have to reschedule my exercise and cooking time. I don't know yet the official weekly course schedule (they'll contact me again later), but if I'm not mistaken, it'd be Mondays to Fridays at 8.15 am till 3.45 pm.

When Arttu came home during lunch break and I told him about this full-time course, he checked the calendar, laughed, and said, "You only have one full week left (next week) before you have to start waking up early." Yeah, yeah, he knows I'm such a HUGE sleepyhead, so it's gonna be rather hard for me to get up early ha ha ha ha...

I told him, "Well, then, you're going to have to help me wake up, even if you must spank me." LOL LOL!!!

Funny thing was that we found out that the course would be held on the same floor of the building where Arttu works HE HE HE HE HE...So we'll probably go to "work" together then, since he starts working at 8 am.

I'm REALLY REALLY happy now about God's timing and my decision to postpone having kids. Imagine if I have a kid already now...I won't be able to go to the full-time course, right? God's timing is SO PERFECT!!! And we didn't even expect this full-time course to start, since we didn't think there would be enough participants that enrolled in this course. So I'm ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone game to jump around the house with me and dance in joy? Let's DO IT, theeeennnnn...Btw, I THANK everybody who's been praying for me so that this full-time course starts. OUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_______________________^


  1. Yippee! I'm doing the dance with you! Can you see me?!

    I'm really pleased everythings worked out for you. It's put a smile on my face to hear somone is so happy.

  2. The World According to Me: THAAANKKKSS!!! And yes I can see you, esp. after I saw your recent photos. I can DEFINITELY see us dancing happily together HE HE HE HE HE HE...

    Yeah, I'm also SO happy everything's going so well. ;-D

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh..Amel. It is so great that you can go to school everyday :D

    I know it will be tiring for you. BUT you can learn the language very soon. And also you can have many friends ;) I have so happy for you.

    I believe you can manage your time from school, blogging, exercise :D

  4. Really good news for you..I'm glad to hear that....

  5. That is great news! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Jul: Yeah, it's gonna be tiring, esp. the first few weeks, I guess...I have to change my daily life schedule he he he he...but THANKS!!! I know I can learn faster this way. And you're right about having more friends. ;-D

    Jeanne and Kathy: THANKSSSS!!! :-D I'm REALLY psyched he he he...

  7. Whoopeee!!! I won't miss this. I'm so happy for you, Amel. Let's do the 'cat' dance he he he he he he... I'm also thinking of going to classes or join 'yoga' in March. YAYYYYYYY!!! I'm just SO happy for you!!! All the best, buddy!!! ;D

  8. Choc Mint Girl: I knew you'd do the dance with me HE HE HE HE...;-D

    You're thinking of joining yoga? That's GOOD! ;-D Enjoy any classes you're going to take, Crystal!!!

  9. Isn't it great you're gonna be a student again? And I know how much you enjoy studying. So happy for you! But it'll be a long day in school. Remember to ask hubby for pocket money or you can bring your lunch box, just like a student again :-)

  10. Isn't it great you're gonna be a student again? And I know how much you enjoy studying. So happy for you! But it'll be a long day in school. Remember to ask hubby for pocket money or you can bring your lunch box, just like a student again :-)

  11. Yeah, God! I'm so glad to hear how everything worked out. Doing the dance!

  12. La delirante: THANKSSSS! ;-D

    Blur: Oh, the government will give me some lunch money. I think most of the time I'll bring my own lunch to save money, though HE HE HE HE...or I can probably always walk home to eat since it's nearby HA HA HA HA...

    Sister Sheri: YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! Thank GOD indeed and let's dannncceee he he he he...