Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blah Blahs Again

1. One thing I like about exercising with Billy Blanks Taebo CDs is the fact that in one CD, there's this huge banner on one of the walls: "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight". Each time I exercise using that CD, I'll always read that banner and remember to walk by faith, not by sight.

2. We've all heard this adage "Life is what you make it", but I think in marriage life, "Love is what you make it" applies.

3. This evening's class is cancelled again since the teacher's still sick. I sure do hope she'll get well enough for next Tuesday's class. After all, we'll only get 22 lessons and we've already lost 2 of them.

4. "Tai" in Finnish means "or", whereas "hai" in Finnish means "shark".

5. My orders have arrived at the local PO today (the condoms for my brother and for us), so I should burn the DVD for my brother and a CD for a friend of mine this evening. Busy, busy, busy...then tomorrow morning I should get up early to send the package to my friend in Germany. I sure do hope the package will arrive soon in her office (she says that packages have arrived late in her office recently) so that she can bring it to Indonesia next March. *crossing my fingers* I think I'm going to send it using priority mail he he he he he he...


  1. I have one of those Billy Blanks Taebo videos also. So far, I haven't been able to make it all the way through, but one day I will!

  2. Kathy: I don't usually make it all the way through, either, but since I have several, I usually combine them into a 40-50 minute of workout twice a week. I find his CDs to be MORE helpful in toning my muscles than other kinds of exercised I had tried he he he...

  3. MrsArcticRainbow18 January 2008 at 02:46

    Love is what makes you!!!

    Also...keep meaning to say about the condoms. Have you seen the funny Finnish ones that show two Reindeer mating on the front cover. It would be an appropriate funny gift to send. I think I have seen them in the lahjatalo. x

    They look like this..

  4. Ohh... I hope your teacher is getting well so that you can go to class and learn Finnish.

    "Hai" means "shark" ?? Wow... so when I say like "Hai, Amel", I am saying "Shark, Amel"?? He he he he... Just curious. ;D

  5. Mrs Arctic Rainbow: HE HE HE HE HE HE...Yeah, that too, Michelle, that too! ;-D

    THANKS A LOT for the info about funny Finnish condoms. :-)))) I didn't even know about it he he he...

    Crystal: Yeah, I hope so too. Plus I miss my friends he he...

    Yeah, it's true, Crystal. If you say it like that, in Finnish then it means "Shark, Amel" HA HA HA HA HA HA...People here say "hei" instead of "hai" as a greeting he he he...