Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Monday

ARRRGGHHH!!! Haven't had time to do anything with my blog until now. Haven't had time to blog-hop, either, but I'm gonna do it soon after I publish this post.

First of all, I had to exercise today (in keeping with my New Year's Resolution, plus it always makes me feel good afterwards, especially when I see my thighs getting firmer and firmer HA HA HA HA HA...), then I cleaned up the house and the toilet, then I cooked pizza after having lunch. As you all know, I'm a slow cook, so it took some time for me to do so.

This week is my LAST week when I can get up late in the mornings, so I'm going to ENJOY it thoroughly HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...Tomorrow I'm going to go to the unemployment office to report myself and then to KELA to submit the form that states that I'm going on the full-time course so that I can get some student money at the end of next month.

I'll also probably go to a beauty salon to get a haircut. It's been bothering me for a while. I asked Arttu to cut it, but he refused. He said that he would ruin it. I begged, but he wouldn't budge. In the end he just said that he'd pay for my haircut, which would be €26. YIKES!!! At first I was planning on going to the beauty salon, but now that it seems I'm going to Indonesia near the end of this year, I just don't want to waste that much money when I can get a proper haircut by only paying around €4-5 in Bandung. That was why I asked Arttu to help me cut my hair he he he he he...Oh well...since he's paying, then I'll just go to the beauty salon. After all, I'm curious whether or not they can handle my Asian hair HA HA HA HA HA HA...

So if tomorrow I'm MIA again, don't wonder why, OK? I choose tomorrow since the weather prediction for this week says that it's gonna be the "warmest" tomorrow (around -5'C). Last night the temperature dropped down to -22.5'C during the night. Still hasn't reached -30'C yet he he he he...I wonder when it'll happen!!!

Ummm...what else? Oh yeah, some nights ago I talked to Arttu about the possibility of going to Indonesia. I was thinking of going to Indonesia alone, considering the cheapest ticket I could find was €1200 (a two way ticket from Rovaniemi to Jakarta), but then he said, "So you want to go there alone?" He didn't want me to go there alone!!! Well, come to think of it, there are several good points of going back to Indo with him:

1. I don't have to go through the LONG trip alone, so I have someone to talk to. As you probably know, I'm not someone who likes chatting up with other passengers on a plane unless I really have to HA HA HA HA HA HA...For example: when I need him/her to get up since I have to go to the toilet hi hi hi...
2. I can bring MANY more things to Finland since we'll have two big suitcases. I left many unread novels back in Indo.
3. All the Indo people won't ask me, "Where's your husband? Why is he not coming with you?" so I don't have to explain to different people again and again and again.
4. He can help me with the luggage HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

However, another point we should consider is whether or not he can come with me. I was first planning on going to Indo for a month, but then he said that it would be too long. He thought I'd only go to Indo for 2 weeks!!! TWO WEEKS?!?!?!?! The trip from Sodankylä to Bandung takes at least 24 hours PER it takes 48 hours to go back and forth...that means we're losing 2 days already!!!

Well, he said that I should let him know when we're planning to go to Indo so that he can arrange his holiday. He'll get his one month summer holiday this year and I DO NOT know if he can move it to a much later date. I sure HOPE so!!! The bottom line is that once I find out how much student money I can get per month during the course, I'll calculate it first and if I'm sure it's enough to buy me a plane ticket to Indo, then I'll decide when to go already. Only then Arttu can talk to his boss about it.

I've been researching the prices of plane tickets to Indo this year and it seems that the cheapest ones would be around October. I've already been thinking of the things I'll bring there (canned reindeer, etc.) and the things I want to buy in Indo to bring to Finland (HOT chili sauce, etc.) HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Okaaayyy...enough daydreaming...time to fall back to the real world!!!


  1. How time flies. You're gonna be busy already by next week. Sure hope you can cope with your schedule, Amel. ;)

    Ohhh... your thighs are getting firmer, eh?!!! He he he... I haven't started this one resolution yet hi hi hi...

    Anyway, I agree with you about your duration of stay in Bandung. If the air fare is expensive and you're only going for 2 weeks, it feels like it's not worth it. Of course, in a way, it's really worth to visit your family.

    Maybe, you both can still go back together and then Arttu can go back to Finland alone if he only has a week or two for holidays. In that way, you can still stay in Bandung for a month.

    Hey, hope I'm not interfering in your planning here, buddy. Just a suggestion. ;D

  2. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, the first few weeks will be TOUGH for me since I'm a sleepyhead HA HA HA HA...;-D

    Yep, I'm pleased to say that ever since I started doing Taebo last April, my thighs and belly are firmer now. ;-D

    Yeah, I've also told Arttu that he could go back home alone, but he said it wasn't fun ha ha ha...I think he just doesn't want to be left alone in Finland hi hi...

    Well, we'll see how it goes. I hope we'll manage to stay in Indo for at least 3 weeks and I HOPE he can move his summer holiday for later. We'll see then.

    No worries, I THANK YOU for your suggestion!!! I've also told him that since the airfare is THAT high, it's MUCH better for us to stay in Indo for a longer period of time he he he...

  3. It's always fun to daydream!

  4. Hi Amel,

    It always nice if you can go with Arttu of course. But if only 2 weeks that is TOO short :D So better, try to manage at least 3 weeks-1 month.

    About money, just try to savings and savings hehehehe...i am SURE you can go to Indo also.

  5. Kathy: Indeed, esp. about coming home to meet my parents, brother, brother's wife, and friends he he...and about eating Indo and Chinese food that I can't find here HE HE HE HE...

    Jul: Yeah, I REALLY wish I can go back to Indo before we start our baby program HE HE HE HE...;-D Yep, I'll try to go to Indo for 3 weeks at least he he he...but we'll see about that!!!

  6. Hi Amel,
    I would recommend 3 weeks!When I went back I was so homesick for the us !!!And three weeks is a good time because you spend a lot of money going home

  7. Frasy: THANKSSSS!!! I'll also try to go back for 3 weeks or at least 2.5 weeks HE HE HE HE...That means I really have to be quick in making a decision so that Arttu can negotiate the holiday with his boss. :-)))

  8. Beauty salon here is also expensive.. i have to pay Eur 25..

    I think you have to stay in indo at least 3 weeks, sure your first time to go back there after moving to finland..... you've missed a lot..friends, family, the foods and the weather.....

  9. I think if your hubby can stay for 2 weeks and you have another 2 weeks to yourself, it would be perfect. While you can bring hubby around and show him places, I'm sure you would enjoy some catch up time with your friends and family too. I hope you dream will come true quickly!

  10. Jeanne: Yeah...sometimes it crossed my mind that I should've studied to be a hairdresser in Indo so that I could open up my own beauty salon here and get a GREAT profit HA HA HA HA...

    Yeah, 3 weeks is the ideal length, that's true. ;-D

    Blur Ting: You read my mind. ;-D You're right that there are things that I want to do without Arttu, such as girl stuff with my Mom and Shendy he he he he...Plus if I bring him around to cheaper stores where I can bargain for clothes, I won't be able to get a low price since they'll think I'm stinking rich!!!

  11. Amel, wish you luck..luck...luck!!!! :-)

    I have been reading and ready to leave some comments here but there were thunders and rains over here, and I have to shut down the computer soon.. hehehe..

    I have to off now to take Cliff to bed as well.. anyway, I want to ask you something about that snowy picture and about the temperatures there.. -30?! where do you live? in freezerrr????? hahahaha

  12. Trinity: THAAANNNKKKSSSSS!!!! If I go back to Bandung, we should meet HE HE HE HE HE HE...;-D

    I understand what you mean about thunders. Better turn off the computer right away! ;-D

    Yeah, we do live in a freezer HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...