Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update on Birth Control

So, finally hubby's decided that I should stop taking birth control pills. Well, he didn't say anything much. He decided it by ordering some condoms ha ha ha ha ha...I still have enough pills until the end of this month, so I'm gonna keep taking them until I have none left and then we'll see how it goes.

It's gonna be interesting to see how my body reverts back to its natural cycle. I started taking birth control pills about a month before my wedding day. The reasons?

1. I wanted my face to be acne free on my wedding day. After all, it only happens once in my lifetime HE HE HE HE HE...I'd had problems with acne during my university years and it cost my parents A LOT of money to help me out with the problem. Of course after I graduated from the university, the acne only came out near my menstruation week. And yes, my regular menstruation period was 7 days.

2. I didn't want to have my period on my wedding day or honeymoon. Since I took the pills, I could "arrange" the time when I had my period. After all, my period didn't happen every 21 days, but sometimes it took 28 days, sometimes 31 days or even longer than that, so I couldn't really predict it if I didn't take the pills.

Well, so far I've only enjoyed the "benefits" of taking the pills. My blood count during my period has been much lighter (and my period only lasted for 4 days instead of 7), plus I don't feel any stomach cramps and I didn't feel too bloated up, either. Plus I don't get any acne problems, too, and it's really practical when I want to arrange the schedule to spend a night at the cabin or something so that it doesn't coincides with my period. However, I know that it's not good to take pills for too long as it ruins my body's natural cycle, so I'm gonna have to let go of all these "benefits" he he he he...

Hmmm...it seems that this post is really a feminine post ha ha ha ha ha...I beg your pardon for my male visitors he he he he...Anyway, I'm really curious about what will happen once I stop taking the pills. I'll write an update about this later on he he he...

We're still going to try having a baby only at the end of the year (or near the end of the year), though. I just thought that it'd be good to have a longer pill-free period before we actually try having a baby (as per MC's advice). And then a month before we try having a baby, I read in one website that it's better for me to start taking folic acid supplements.

I found out in a site that if a woman takes an oral contraceptive pill, then she should wait 3 months before trying to have a baby. So it's all good that I'm gonna stop taking the pills soon he he he he...

I also read that it takes an average of 4 to 5 months to get pregnant, but 85% of couples need a year to get pregnant. We'll see how we're doing later on. I'll surely be telling you ALL about it...well, you know me, I thrive on writing in details HA HA HA HA HA HA...Anyway, if you wanna read the article, go here: Trying to Conceive After Birth Control. Btw, this is NOT a sponsored post he he he he...

I also found out that taking too much of a certain vitamin A could cause birth defect, so pregnant women should avoid eating liver, liver products, and cod liver oil. However, it's OK if you take too much folic acid since your body will get rid of it anyway as it's water-soluble. Here's the info about that: How much folic acid should I take while trying to get pregnant?

Interestingly enough, a site says that you only need to take folic acid when you start trying to have a baby until the fetus is in its 12th week, because then the baby's spine will be developed already. Here's the link: Folic Acid.

Gee...do I sound obsessed about this? Well, not really actually. It's just that I'm curious and I thought that while I have time, I'd just browse about this topic. :-D By the way, can anyone suggest to me good parenting and child care books? I figure that while I still have time, I can prepare myself by reading them he he he he he...Or do you think it's not necessary?


  1. March: :-)))) yourself. THANKS for dropping by, March! ;-D

  2. I can relate to #1, I used to have a lot of pimples during my college days and my parents spent a lot of money too, I think they got my dermatologist rich, lol.

  3. Liza: Yeah, you're quite right about that, though. My parents spent millions to help me get rid of my pimples. Then after I graduated and I had my own income, I also spent more money he he he...but gladly by then my acne problem wasn't as bad, so I could go choose cheaper options. ;-D

  4. glad that you decide to stop taking birth control pills :D Hope you can get pregnant soon ;-)

    i also have a acne problem after i graduated from high school. I went to doctor and took lots of money. Thanks God in here i don't have any problem with acne. i have sensitif skins.

  5. Jul: No, no, no, we'll still use condoms until near the end of this year. I need to let my body get back to its natural rhythm first he he he he...

    You had acne problems, too? Yeah...hormones. I sure hope I won't have any acne problems later on. My skin isn't too sensitive, but they get red easily and I have HUGE pores he he he he...

  6. I can tell you my experience coz i used the pill also. For me, after stopping with the pill, nothing changed. 3 months later i was pregnant.... What do you think ? fast ? hehehhe :) You prepared very2 good..also about the folic acid. I bought an indonesian book about pregnancy and giving birth, books about baby care i read it from magazine and sites on internet.
    Btw, amel... i want also to try to be pregnant end of this year also, give elissa bro or sis next year hehehehe :)

  7. Jeanne: That's COOL!!! You got pregnant in 3 months only? That was fast indeed he he he he...

    Well, I think that it's better to read while I still have time he he he...After all, parenting is tough job ha ha ha...

    You're going to try to be pregnant at the end of this year, too? COOL!!! So we can both try together. It'd be fun if we get pregnant together HA HA HA HA HA...;-D

  8. I've never taken any birth control pills in my life so I can't advise. After giving birth, I have always been using the IUD.

    Anyway, if your body is healthy, it is very easy to conceive without trying too hard. More so if you're young and stress free. Just eat a balance diet and have enough exercise, don't have to worry too much.

    When I was pregnant, I was under the care of a very good gynae in the public hospital. All my friends went to private hospitals and were fed a whole lot of folic acid and all kinds of supplements. They also underwent many scans etc but my gynae (who's a renowned senior consultant) just prescribed multi-vitamins. She said everything else wasn't necessary. So my pregnancies were not horribly expensive like the others. I was lucky to have smooth preggies, no morning sickness etc.

  9. good luck Amel... I think you are ready for a baby... I never knew that acne and stomach cramp can be eliminated by that pills!!

  10. We always used condoms because it's the least intrusive method, but still effective.
    If you do have a difficult time getting pregnant, you can always get an ovulation kit, and that can be bought without a Dr.'s prescription.
    My opinion is that men and women should be able to talk about topics like this; however, I know there' women uncomfortable about talking to men they don't know about it.
    Thanks for being so candid, Amel. :)

  11. I have sensitive skin, but luckily, I have never had any problems with acne. :)

    Well, we are planning to have a baby this year, too! Hopefully, everything goes on well. ;D

  12. Blur Ting: My Mom used condoms and then she switched to IUD. I didn't choose IUD since I thought it'd be easier to stop taking the pills instead of going to the doctor to have my IUD pulled out he he he...

    THANKS for your info about trying to conceive. I intend on exercising regularly indeed.

    From what I learn about the doctors here, they don't give many different supplements. THANKS for your info about multi-vitamins, though he he...I've already been taking it, so I'll just continue it. Smooth preggies? COOL!!! ;-D

    Trinity: THANKS, Trin! ;-D Yeah, birth control pills can help a lot with acne and stomach cramps and also reduce the blood count he he...

    Vince: Yeah, my parents used condoms as well in between having me and my brother, but then my Mom switched to IUD he he...

    I hope we won't have too much trouble getting pregnant he he he he...THANKS for the advice, though! ;-D

    It's MY pleasure to talk about this topic in my blog, Vince. Glad you enjoyed reading it he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: You're lucky, then! ;-D

    You're planning to have a baby this year, too???? GOOD LUCK then! ;-D

  13. Amel, telat nih komennya, baru sempet baca2, kmrn2 sibuk pepergian wae hehe...

    Anyway, my pregnancy bible is 'What to expect when you're expecting' and Miriam Stoppard's pregnancy and birth book. kalo parenting book gua saranin u baca the secrets of the baby whisperer, ada website nya juga, www.babywhisprer.com. Tapi lebih enak baca bukunya, kalo di web nya agak2 ribet, musti tau dulu urutannya.

    Yg baby whisperer itu kepake pisan kata gua mah, apalagi kalo kita ngurus sendiri, soalnya baby nya jadi ada rutinitas, nyusu juga 3jam sekali, jadi lumayan kita bisa ngapa2in, kaya gua bisa pergi ke salon or ke gereja in between feedings, hehehe...

    Seri 'what to expect' juga gua beli yang 'what to expect the first year' n 'toddler years'. ya lumayan sih, apalagi anak pertama kan kita belom tau apa2.

    Banyak sih gua baca2 parenting book, soalnya gua takut pisan ga bisa ngedidik, hihihi.. tapi gua da seneng baca2 buku2 parenting, fun juga... nanti kalo u mau tanya2 ttg buku mah kontak2 aja oce. (kalo deket mah gua kasih pinjem Mel... hehe)

    GBU and your plan to have a baby :-))

  14. Mey: THANKS SO MUCH for the book recommendations. Gua juga paling takut ga bisa didik anak, kalo ngegedein mah "gampang" ha ha ha ha...

    And I DO want my kids to have a routine so I can do other things in between feedings he he he he...

    I'll try to find the books soon. ;-D I'll ask you later when I need more book info HE HE HE HE...

    Iya nih, kalo deket mah tinggal pinjem yah HA HA HA HA HA...

    THANKS for your encouragement! ;-D