Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dad's Antics

I want to write about something that was on my mind a few days ago, but now it's all a blur. All I want to write now is about Dad.

You all know that I'm such a HUGE sleepyhead, right? Even my hubby knows it ha ha ha...well, during my Junior High School till university days, it was Dad's "duty" to wake me up. I did have an alarm, mind you, but I'd turn it off and go right back to sleep hi hi hi hi...It was Dad's duty since Mom had already gone to the traditional market to sell food at around 5 am already. So in the mornings Dad would take her to the traditional market first, then he'd take my brother and me to school.

In High School, my parents finally bought my brother a motorcycle, so Dad only needed to take me to the university and I'd go home by public transit. Well, I still remember clearly every morning Dad would shout at me to wake up. Once. Twice. Thrice. Four times. Sometimes he got fed up since all I did was replied, "Mmmmhhhh..." and then I'd roll around to the side and fell back to sleep HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...Then he'd shouted, "Oh, you're impossible to wake up. I'll stop waking you up then."

But he kept on waking me up anyway he he he he...I wrote an email to my parents yesterday to tell them about the full-time Finnish course and suddenly I remembered about this. So I said sorry to Dad about it and I told him that I always remembered that he always escorted me to the university (he worked as an insurance agent, so he could go to the office any time he wanted to, unless if there was a specific meeting at an appointed time) and even the security guards at the parking lot knew him because his face became so familiar to them he he he he...

I remember my Dad's antics when he was young. He loved telling us about the story while laughing out loud so gleefully. One time they were having dinner and my Dad's younger sister went someplace in the middle of dinner. She took off her glasses and put them on the table. When she got back to the dinner table, she got the shock of her life since her glasses had changed into...BRAS!!! Yeah, my Dad switched the glasses with her bras. Naughty Dad!!! ;-D

Another thing that you should know about my Dad is that he's a chess fan. He LOVES playing chess. If he finds a suitable opponent, he'll forget about eating and resting. He can play chess for HOURS he he he he...During his younger days, he used to join some local competitions. I don't know if he had ever won or not, but we have one picture of him during one of those local competitions years back. It's not a regional competition, though. It's more like a district competition (where he lived back then) he he he...

Dad taught us the basic chess moves when we were kids, then he would sometimes play against us by forfeiting two of his pawns, for example the Queen and the Horse. I don't remember anymore whether he let us win or not he he he...but after a while, I started playing against my brother and usually I won since I was, after all, 2 years older than I could think of the strategy better than he could. We were just elementary school students by then hi hi hi hi hi hi...

I remember when I was a kid that he used to visit his chess pal and he would play us a VHS video (usually Popeye the Sailor Man) while he and my Dad played chess for hours!!! I still remember it so vividly. These days Dad doesn't play chess a lot anymore. Maybe I need to buy him some type of easy chess hand-held game to play hmmm...'coz he can't use the computer anymore. The game has to be something easy to play and turn on like Sudoku hand-held game. I should go browse for it hmmmm...If anyone knows about such a game, do tell me he he he...

Now my mind's blank again...let me just eat and then blog-hop then he he he...


  1. I love the story about the
    glasses-to-bra! Sounds like a joke my dad would do too. :-D

  2. Hi, M!

    So your Dad would such a thing? LOL LOL!!! My Dad would love your Dad, then HE HE HE HE HE HE...

  3. Hi Amelia!

    I also have an alarm clock and I switched it off and get up about 20 minutes afterwards :)

    I used to play chess a lot but didn't have the ability to stay playing for hours...I only knew the basic moves but didn't know any strategies though so I guess that's why :)

    have a nice day!

  4. La delirante: HE HE do that, too? ;-D

    Well, I used to be able to strategize somewhat, but now my brain's rusty. Haven't played chess since...2000! He he he he...

  5. Glad that you have nice memory about your father, Amel. Mine not. And you already know why ^___^;;

    Something my hubby also act like my father, because i never got attention from my father. Glad that have my hubby who understand me. He knows when he should act as husband and when he act as my father :)

  6. Jul: Yeah, thanks for trusting me with the story.

    BRAVO for your hubby!!! He's a GREAT guy and father!!! :-))))

  7. your dad is a really nice man and you're a lucky girl. My dad is more of the serious type and we would never joke and play around with him. But he is really kind and cares alot for the family. He used to drive me around too, not to school cos it was so far away, but to the bustop outside our kampung. You and I are 2 lucky girls!

  8. Blur Ting: Yes, you're right, we're lucky girls indeed! :-)))) Bravo for kind-loving fathers!!!

  9. Ha ha ha... Your dad is funny. My dad is funny, too. He loves to laugh and joke. He's the one who taught us to play chess as well. I should start writing more about the people who are my family and close to me. :)

  10. Choc Mint Girl: Your Dad taught you to play chess, as well? Yeah, you do that, write more about your loved ones he he he he...

  11. i miss my dad... 11 years ago was he dead because of heart attack, 1 day before the chinese new year.

  12. Jeanne: Sorry to hear that. :-(((( Hope you had many sweet memories to remember about him, though. :-))))

  13. So now I know one of the reasons you are such a happy, well adjusted, awesomely functioning adult. You have a great dad, so did I (however, I'm not so sure I'm as well-functioning as you, lol).
    Cordially to you and your readers!

  14. Vince: Why, THANK YOU for your compliments! :-))) Glad to hear you had a great Dad, too!!!

    Hmmm...what's the meaning of well-functioning? As you probably know, I'm not an outgoing person and I often feel at a loss on what to say to a person, so I'm not really well-functioning in that department HA HA HA HA HA HA...But anyway, it's a part of me and a challenge I still need to conquer, but I embrace that part, as well. ;-))))

  15. That was interesting to learn about your dad.
    I know what you mean about a blank mind. That's how I was yesterday -- I had nothing to blog about.

  16. Kathy: Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, some days the well of inspiration is dry HE HE HE HE HE...