Thursday, January 24, 2008

Addicted to Hubby?????

Yesterday during lunch break, I asked hubby if he could buy some potatoes for me. He said that he would be coming home late. I was going to write it down on my grocery list, but then he asked me when Lidl was closed on weekdays. I found their brochure and turned out they were closed at 9 pm. So he said, "Okay, I'll buy them for you. After all, that way you don't have to carry 2 kilos more burden in your grocery bag." (Side note: The potatoes come in a 2 kg bags)

YIIIPPIIIIIIIIIIIEEEE!!! I LOVE him SO MUCH!!! Anyway, I waited for him to come home while browsing the internet, blog-hopping, and studying Finnish online. I waited, and waited, and waited. The apartment felt empty without him. Even though sometimes we're busy in front of our own computers in our apartment, but still we can tease each other or tickle each other or kiss each other.

When the clock turned to 7.30 pm, I finally turned on the TV since there was Joey. I thought it would be fun to watch it, but it wasn't the same without him. I missed hubby's giggles. And I missed the occasional funny or crazy or wacky comments while watching movies. I missed laughing not because of the movie itself, but simply because of hearing his laughter. I missed holding his warm hand throughout the show or movie.

You know, sometimes we'd both create a crazy ending of a TV series while watching it. For example, if there's this climactic scene that's cut off by a commercial, we'll say, "Then they'll all die and here comes the last one-liner in the middle of the screen: Life sucks and then you die." And we'd both giggle together he he he he he he...

Well, finally he came home at around 8 pm, hungry!!! He grabbed some toast, cheese, and smoked reindeer meat and ate ravenously!!! After that we watched Heroes and Jericho and I told him that watching TV wasn't the same without him, especially when he did start giggling or blurting out the occasional wacky comments he he he he...

I just wanna say to hubby:


  1. Jul: OK, I'll do it tomorrow then!

  2. How sweet! I like your little pictures added. I need to find some of those!

  3. wow sounds like you are addicted to your hubby!

    i think you need some serious help lol

    who knows? maybe one day you will be pretending you were his wife or something! oh wait... you are! lol

  4. so sweet amel... Keep this kind of sweet moments forever.

  5. Doesn't it seem that all the small things in a relationship are the best part about it?

  6. I hope that love that you have for each other never ceases.
    Its the small little gestures that count!

  7. The two of you are so romantic and good for each other!

  8. Amel!

    Your post is so sweet it is attracting ants come crawling all over my notebook screen!!!

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  10. BP: Glad you liked the post. ;-D

    Jay: Yeah, maybe I should find a psychiatrist soon. LOL!!! ;-D

    Jeanne: I HOPE so too!!! ;-D

    Dolce: That's true. VERY true. And when you don't have it anymore, that's when you realize it most...just like when my hubby came home late the other night he he...

    Frasy: I REALLY hope so! ;-D

    Blur Ting: THANKS, Blur!!! :-))))

    WaterLearner: HE HE HE HE HE...Want more ants!!! Want more ants!!! ;-D

    Omar: THANKS for your compliment and if I have enough money, I'll consider investing in those. ;-D

  11. I feel the same way, Amel. Sometimes, when hubby's not around or doesn't do the things he always does, I feel there's something different and I missed that moments. ;D

  12. Choc Mint Girl: We're both addicted to our hubbies! YAAAYYY!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE...

    Yeah, it feels strange when he's not around, eh? ;-D

  13. I'm glad you are so happy in your marriage! This post is my favorite for this Friday!

  14. Kathy: I'm glad you enjoyed this post and it made you smile. :-))) I truly hope we'll both stay happy for as long as we both shall live. :-D

  15. Happy for you Amel... Living far away from our family make us realized that hubby is everything until there is kids between you and hubby.. :)

    Don't really have plenty of time anymore for being together with my hubby.Only after kids go to bed.

  16. Nyumix: Yeah, I can imagine that. Everybody who has kids has been telling me about that...once they have a kid, everything shifts to the kid he he he...

    Well, as long as you have quality time with your hubby, it doesn't matter how long or short the period of time you have with each other, right? ;-D