Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Isn't It Ironic?

I read these stories in one of the books I translated in Indonesia and I thought I'd share them with you. Unfortunately I forgot the title of the book he he he...

Before I start,
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* When Pablo Picasso lived very poorly with his first girlfriend, they were so happy. However, once his paintings were sold at high prices and they moved to a big house, she started to be so extravagant that he couldn't take it anymore. Thus, happiness flew away from their love nest. What a pity!

* Charles Millar (a Canadian lawyer and financier) left large sums of money to certain people in his will just to test how far they would abandon their principles for money. He left shares in a racetrack to a preacher and a judge who were against gambling. What did they do? They both accepted the shares.

He also left shares in a brewery to a group of churchmen who strongly opposed alcohol. All of them except one accepted the shares.

He also left $500.000 for the winner of a contest he created. What contest? The contest about whichever woman from Toronto who has given birth to the greatest number of children by the end of the tenth year from his death. The prize money was shared by four winners who'd each given birth to nine children (all the kids had to be alive to qualify for the contest). To read more info about this contest, go to Stork Derby.

Ah...the things we do for money...What WOULD you do for money?


  1. Unfortunately I have to work for it. I have found it lasts longer that way because there's more value in it.

  2. 74WIXYgrad: That's VERY true. My Mom's friend is rich and her sons took money for granted until she died and then their Dad got sickly and they can't continue the family's business since they don't know a thing about it. Now they have to work their ass off to feed their families!!!

  3. The power of money... Hmmm, still can't buy all the things in the world.

  4. Choc Mint Girl: Yes, happiness can't be bought he he...