Friday, January 25, 2008

Self Defense

A friend of my friend's was enjoying herself with a cousin near a mall in Bandung a few years ago. They were walking and talking when out of the blue, a man approached them with a knife, telling them to give him money and mobile phones. Before they could do anything much, he slashed her face, can you believe it? It left a mark on her face and for some time it made her feel embarrassed. Gladly after a while it gradually looked less vivid.

In today's dangerous world, it's no wonder that Crystal wants to learn self defense. Here I found some information about Close Combat Training
. Close Combat Training system is developed by Captain Chris, a World Leader in Self Defense. You can get a free training from him if you're over 18. All you need to do is register your name, email address, and birthday.

You can also Test Your Knowledge on self-defense by clicking on the link. You can get a chance of winning an e-book copy of the First Field Manual in Close Combat Training System when you choose all the right answers for the first quiz.

Well, whether or not you decide to click on the links or learn self defense, I sure do hope that God will protect us wherever we are, wherever we go!

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