Friday, January 25, 2008

My Parents and Elvis

Back in my parents' younger days, they said that there wasn't much entertainment other than music and cinemas. They were both naturally movie buffs. Elvis Presley was SO HUGE back then. My Mom said that she watched EVERY Elvis movie at the cinema. Funny thing was that back then they didn't allow youngsters to watch movies at the cinema. I don't know if there were cartoons shown at the cinema or not, but all my Mom talked about was Elvis movies, so I guess they mostly showed adult movies. Since my Mom is a short as I am, sometimes she had trouble being let into the cinema. She said that sometimes she bribed the cinema attendant so that she'd be let in and other times she wore high heels so that the cinema attendant would let her in (and many times it worked!!!!)

My Mom also told me that back then wigs were VERY fashionable and she herself owned at least one wig. I wouldn't have known that if she hadn't told me, since I had never seen her with a wig before ha ha ha ha ha...

Have I told you that my Dad ABSOLUTELY loves singing? He loves singing Elvis songs and other songs. He sings in the shower and everywhere (well, not in the streets while walking, of course, but in the other rooms in the house). He sings with gusto, with all his heart and soul, even in church. One time I couldn't help giggling when I heard him trying to sing along with, EMF's "You're unbelievable..." in the radio. You must know the song, right? It's quite a fast song....and he was only trying to sing along with the refrain "You're unbelievable..." HI HI HI HI HI HI...It was SO funny!!!

One time when I was still in Elementary School (or was it Junior High School?), I was tinkering with our old tape player and I recorded my Dad singing a song. I don't remember anymore what he sang, but it must've been as old as Moon River he he he...

When I looked at old pictures of Bandung back then, everything looked quiet, unlike these days when the traffic was so crazy. There were few cars and few motorcycles and many bicycles and rickshaws. My Mom used to go everywhere on bike. These days it's VERY unsafe to ride a bike in the streets, since Indonesia has no clear bike trail on the sidewalks. Hell, there are SO many street peddlers in the sidewalks that even pedestrians have trouble walking there in some areas!!! But still, I love Bandung 'coz it's my hometown he he he he...

Hmmm...this post is another rambling one he he he...and now I'm STARVING, so better post this one and eat!!!


  1. He he he... Those Elvis days were the same everywhere. My parents, uncles and aunts were all fans of Elvis hi hi hi... One of my dad's favourite songs by Elvis is "My Way"...

    So, your dad loves singing too?! Both of my parents love to sing as well and so do their children and grand children he he he he he...

    Oh I know what you mean about the street peddlers, Amel!! Sometimes, they don't even bother if we have to squeeze to pass by along the sidewalks!!!

  2. Choc Mint Girl: GO ELVIS HA HA HA HA HA HA...Oh yeah, my Dad loves singing My Way, too! ;-D

    Your parents BOTH love singing? No wonder your whole family love singing too he he he...

    Yeah, street peddlers are really a nuisance sometimes!!!

  3. Singing is fun especially when done at random. I love your postings there completely fun and enlightening to read.

  4. David Y: THANKS for dropping by and leaving a comment. :-))) Indeed singing is fun, but I prefer doing it when I'm alone or only with hubby he he he he...Glad you enjoyed my posts. ;-D Have a FAB weekend! ;-D

  5. I watched every Elvis movie on TV when I was growing up. My sister was crazy about him. My mom took us to see him perform in our city once.

  6. Kathy: You too, eh? I never got a chance to see his movie...or maybe just one of them. I don't remember anymore.