Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Adventure: Cutting My Own Hair

HA!!!! I finally did it! I cut my own hair last night. Arttu didn't help at all except to cut just a few strands of hair that were longer than the rest at the back of my head which I obviously couldn't see.

I think I didn't do the job very badly, even though I managed to mess up my fringe HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...So, I need your honest opinion. What do you think of my new haircut? I'll show you the picture of before and after HE HE HE HE...The before picture was taken last October, so my hair was actually longer than this prior to the cutting adventure (I just couldn't find a nice picture of my hair without being covered by a pipo in January or December!).

And here we new haircut hi hi hi...Tell me the truth, do you think I look like a D I S A S T E R????????????

OK, OK, so the bottom isn't too good, but what can you expect, right? HE HE HE...After all, it wasn't easy to cut one's own hair ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, yesterday I received another book that I won in eBay (What to Expect When You're Expecting). Arttu brought the book home from work and I was a bit confused since I hadn't received any notification about it. The postman had come already earlier without any notification about it. I asked him then how he found out about it and he just giggled like crazy. He said that he just knew. I couldn't believe it! Impossible!

The naughty guy kept on giggling and wouldn't tell me. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!!! After he had fun giggling and making me confused, finally he admitted that his friend who worked at the post office had called him to tell him about the package. GRAAAWWWWRRRRRR!!! How could I forget that his buddy worked at the PO? HE HE HE HE HE...

Oh now I have three new books to read. OHHHHHHHHH JOY he he he he...OK, I'm going to blog-hop now! ;-D


  1. Seeing that I am not an expert on hair style, as we would say here in the states, you can take my opinion and a dollar and get yourself a cup of coffee.

    But I think it looks fine.

    Judging by the hickies, someone else mudt have liked it too.

  2. Not bad hi hi hi hi...Save 26 euro :D Yeah, only "poni-nya" too short.

    Oh..about e-bay. I did surfing yesterday. And i want to ask you some question about it. Maybe later, i write on email oke. I must cook now.

  3. I'd say your hair looks pretty good. It's not "WOW, amazing hairstyle!!", but it's not "EEEK you look weird!" either. :-D

    You look nice, your hair looks tidy and kind of cute spiky.

    I'd say darn good for a first attempt at cutting your own hair! :-)

  4. 74WIXYgrad: THANKS. I also think it looks fine, but I want to hear other people's opinions since it's fun HE HE HE...;-D

    LOLLLLLL!!! The hickies were made before I cut my hair ha ha ha...but yes, Arttu doesn't mind about the haircut. ;-D

    Jul: Yeah, saving money indeed. *HUGE GRIN*

    OK about questions on eBay, Jul. We'll talk later then! ;-D

    Michelle: GLAD that you think it doesn't look weird ha ha ha ha...I trimmed it again this morning 'coz I felt the sides were too thick he he he...;-D

  5. You're really brave, you really cut your own hair! I wouldn't know how to start.

    I like your fringe longer (you look really good in the before shot). Even if you didn't cut it at all, it would still be fine. You've tidied up the wispy tailends. Like what Michelle said, it's not amazing good but it's nicely done. It should look even better when it grows out a little in 2 weeks time.

    A layman like me will never be able to tell it's done by yourself (but a hairdresser would know! They always do)

    I personally am not too anal about my hair (except it must be too short) cos hair will always grow back!

    Now you don't have the long hair to hide those hickies!! ;-)

  6. um um i dont know what to say..

    i like it!!

    now you should spike it up into a mohawk just for one day! and show us!

  7. Same as Juli comment, "poni" bit too short, but others looks fine. :)

  8. Hey, that's not bad, buddy! The fringe is too short, but not weird though. ;D I can see that your hair is a bit dry with the 'flyaways', but I guess you'll be wearing your pipo (??)

    When I was in High School, I used to cut my own hair, too, but only the fringe he he...

    Okay, my overall comment, it's not a disaster, but it's "OMG! She has really done it!!" Ha ha ha... Good job!!! ;D

  9. Hi Amel, I think it looks pretty good for a self cut. I prefer your hair in the first photo, but the new cut is fine. No-one is going to be whispering about you behind your back when you are out and about. However when you go back to the hairdresser they are going to say 'erm...did you cut this yourself?'

    I used to cut my own fringe and the hairdresser could always tell even though I think I did a decent job ;-)

  10. Blur Ting: Brave or just crazy? HA HA HA HA HA...I told Arttu that if I did it very badly, then I'd ask his Mom's help to fix it HI HI HI HI...

    Well, I decided to cut it 'coz it started getting in the way. It's nice to have hair to cover up my ears, but when I zip my jacket then my hair gets stuck in between he he he...Plus when I want to roll around in bed, sometimes they get suck beneath my back so I pull it sometimes. Ouch! He he he...

    Yeah, a hairdresser will definitely know that I cut it myself HA HA HA HA HA...

    And LOL about the hickies! ;-D

    Jay: GLAD you like it...MOHAWK? I think hubby will faint if I do that HA HA HA...

    Nyumix: Yeah...I love having my fringe short 'coz it grows so fast hi hi hi...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yup...flyaways everywhere. ;-D Yup, I'll be wearing my pipo whenever I go out, so it should be fine. I think it'll be better once it grows a bit, just like Blur Ting said he he...

    Fish: Yes, that was what I was worried about: people whispering behind my back that Arttu had got himself a crazy wife with a wacky haircut HA HA HA HA HA...

    And I agree with you that the hairdresser will know that I did it to myself HI HI HI HI HI...;-D

  11. Amell... it looks fine, but yeah, the fringe is too short.. but you look so cute hihihi.. and your skin looks radiant!! (and zits-free)

    you should cut your own hair all the time now that you live in finland, so you'll save a lot and you'll get really good at cutting hair hehehe... pinggir2 nya di trim lagi Mel, biar ada shaggy nya lagi (just a suggestion)

    LOL about the hickies...

    I like your necklace, btw :-))

  12. You did a good job! I would never be so brave and try cutting my own hair. Well, now that I think about it, I think I have done minor cuts on my hair before.
    Your fringe (we call it bangs) will grow back.

  13. Mey: HA HA HA HA...Zit free? Gua hapus dua zit di dahi gua pake Photoshop HI HI HI HI...;-D Liat aja foto gua di FS mah ada zitnya kok HA HA HA HA...

    Iya, susah euy trimming bagian pinggir biar makin keliatan shaggy teh...soalnya kan udah rada pendek jadi susah liatnya ha ha ha...itu juga tadi pagi udah gua trim lagi da kemaren malem mah masih lebih tebel dari itu. ;-D

    Tuh kalung dikasih dari Anit. ;-D Harusnya ada liontin bentuk hati, tapi gua ganti pake cincin kawin gua HA HA HA HA HA...

    Kathy: Yeah, I was crazy indeed by deciding to do it, but I thought it'd be a FUN adventure HA HA HA...

    Yep, I always cut my bangs too short 'coz they grow so fast he he he he...I dislike it when they poke my eye! ;-D

  14. Amel,
    You looked great. & the fact that you saved money is a very sweet reward, isn't it?

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  16. Hi Amel
    I like your fringe longer and its really not bad for a first attempt.I am famous for doing stuff like that when I was young !!!
    Are you pregnant ?Did I miss the post where you blogged about it ?

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  18. sorry ,i deleted the comment before...
    your hair looks nice...not bad. IT seems that salon've done hehe :) although in the beauty salon, they cannot make good "shaggy" as the salon in indo done.

  19. Vince: GLAD to hear it. And yes, I LOVE saving money HA HA HA...

    Frasy: THANKS for your opinion. NOOOOOOOOO I'm NOT pregnant. We will try having a baby at the end of this year. I just like being ready and my friends who have babies suggested some books to read. :-))) That's why I bought the books he he he he...I thought it'd be nice to start reading them from now on. ;-D

  20. Jeanne: I KNOW what you mean. I LOVE Indo salons 'coz they can make BEAUTIFUL shaggy style he he he he...Don't worry about the deleted comment he he he...

  21. HAHAHA pintar ya kau pake photoshop HIHIHI!!! but still, your skin looks really good!! hehehe..

  22. OMG! I thought you were kidding when you told me about the haircut. It's looks fine but I like the first one better, lol, lol, lol.

    But you don't have to worry because you're still beautiful, no matter what hairstyle.


  23. Mey: Yes, I cheated using Photoshop to hide my zits HA HA HA HA...THANKS for your compliment! ;-D

    Liza: LOL LOL LOL!!! You thought I was kidding? HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, the first one was done by a professional in Bandung. How I want to cut my hair there again he he he...

    THANKS for your compliment, though. Well, at least the consensus here thinks that my haircut isn't a disaster, so that's a relief HI HI HI...;-D

  24. Hey Amelia,

    As promised, here I am....
    Ok, let me take another peek:

    I am going to honestly say that your fringe does look funny - it is way too short, (I like the hickies though lol lol), and you need to check your left side (I think that it is a bit longer than in the right side, but it can also be due to the position of the head).

    You look nice with long hair, girl! I loved it :D!

    But what is done is done; after the fringe grows backs you will be perfect :D!


  25. Max: THANKS for your honesty he he he he...;-D Yeah, I realized that the left side was a bit longer. I cut it off again this morning but I think it should be OK now. :-))))

  26. MrsArcticRainbow31 January 2008 at 00:43

    Hi Amel,

    Being that I have seen first hand how lovely and long your hair was recently and how much it really suited you, I am really sad to see that its gone. (For now!)

    Its not horrendous though. Trust me, it could be waayyyyy for a first go, its not bad at all! Yes, I agree the fringe is too short...but as we discussed before, you will get LOTS of practice,whilst living in Sodankylä. Ö

    Prices here are very expensive and I dont rate the hairdressers AT ALL. I cut mine and the rest of the families..sometimes its ok and sometimes they are not so keen..mainly cause I take my time!

    I am sure that there are some online tips available for you to read if you need them. As we discussed on the phone, proper hairdressing scissors make all the difference and you can buy them fairly cheaply on Ebay.

    At the end of the day, hair grows, its winter and you have to wear a hat no matter the fringe wont matter...and a few weeks and itll be great again.

    If you are smiling...thats what people will be looking at! xx

  27. Mrs Arctic Rainbow: THANKSSSSS for your comment he he he he...Arttu also didn't want me to cut my hair, but I insisted HA HA HA HA HA...

    I actually don't mind the fringe at all though it's too short hi hi hi...It grows so fast, so I like cutting it short so that I don't have to cut it too often. ;-D

    If I can go back to Indo in October, I'll definitely go to the beauty salon there to get a proper haircut 'coz it'd be SO CHEAAAAPPPPPP!!!!! ;-D

    I actually did browse some haircutting tips online prior to cutting my own hair, but I tried to emulate the way Indo hairdressers did my hair. ;-D Unfortunately it wasn't as easy to do since I had to do it to you're right about the haidressing scissors.

    I'll definitely go look for them later on. ;-D

  28. I am amazed!! hahaha... you really dare to do that ya... but 26 euro is very expensive convert to rupiah! so I think it's worth trying to cut your own hair.. but I don't understand why r2 didn't help you at all... hehehe..I think he can help you creating 'agnes monica' hair style.. hehehe.. much more messy than this one!

    You look fine Mel, and your english is great as well.. I think it's because you talk in english everytime ya? How often do you look up the dictionary now?

  29. Trin: Well, I thought, "Let's have a little adventure, Amel!" HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, cutting hair is SO expensive here. Arttu didn't want to help 'coz he was afraid he'd ruin my hair he he he...

    THANKS for your compliments, Trin. I think the biggest help for me in improving my English was when I worked as a translator. I had to look up new words in the dictionary over and over again. And yes, talking to hubby in English does help, too he he he...

    How often do I look up words in the dictionary? Not too often, I guess.