Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Love eBay!

Well, I have no credit card, but since the money I get from blogging for money is transferred to my Paypal account, I can start buying things online he he he he...

The other day I wrote a post about planning to have a baby at the end of this year and one friend of mine suggested some books to me. She gave birth to a lovely baby girl last year and she said that she had found the books useful. THANK YOU for the book recommendations, Mey!!!

Anyway, I tried looking for the books online. Turned out that some online Finnish bookstores sold them, but they were quite expensive. So I tried finding them in ebay. I don't care whether they're used books just as long as they're cheap hi hi hi hi...After all, with the dollar currency being much lower than Euro currency, I figured that even though I had to pay much for the shipping cost if I bought books from the USA, the total cost would still be cheaper than buying those books in new conditions from Finnish bookstores.

And ta-daaaa...I did find three of the four books my friend recommended and I had bid on them. I won two of the bids and I'm waiting to win one more bid. I know that reading pregnancy/birth/child care books doesn't mean that I'm going to remember all of them when the time comes, but I love being ready. And I figured, why not? After all, those people who wrote the books must be experts, right?

Oh well...honestly speaking, I had to curb myself when I browsed through ebay. It was true what they said there: Be careful 'coz e-baying can be addictive HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

If everything works out well and I win the last bid, I'll get 3 books and I only need to pay around €28 (including shipping and handling). If I had bought the books in Finland, I had to pay at least €13-17 PER BOOK (excluding shipping). Imagine that!!!

I can't wait to receive the first two books whose bids I won in the mail. YIIIPPPIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oh, and the other day I made this silly JibJab movie starring Arttu, his two brothers, and his second brother's girlfriend HI HI HI HI HI...Enjoy it!!!

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  1. Well done with winning your bids, it's a great feeling!
    Fingers crossed with your other bid.

    I think eBay is a great invention. I've sold things and made some much needed cash, and bought things for a fraction of the retail price.

    Long live eBay!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA... The JibJab movie was fun he he he he he he...

    eBay - even 'Transformers' used eBay hi hi hi hi... Good luck on your bids, buddy!! ;)

  3. I also don't have credit card yet here. But soon as I can follow you earning money by blogging, I think I will do online shopping too :)

  4. i never use ebay. i know the site but i don't know how to use :((

    can you explain to me at e-mail? is it easy to buy books with them??? Oke, i wait ur answer after u take a bath :D at my email hi hi hi hi...dag...

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of eBay! I am an eBay seller in the US and I just LOVE international customers. It makes life interesting. Good luck with your bidding!


  6. The World According to Me: Yeah, I LOVE getting stuff with good prices HA HA HA HA HA...;-D You've sold things there, too? GREAT! I've never tried selling anything yet...but maybe someday I will. Who knows? ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Glad you enjoyed the JibJab movie hi hi hi...THANKS for your encouragement, buddy! ;-D

    Nyumix: I HOPE you'll get to blog for money soon!!! I LOVE it since I can get some income he he he...;-D

    Juliana: I've replied you in email HE HE HE HE...

    Suzanne: THANK YOU for your warm welcome! ;-D And THANKS for visiting my blog! ;-D

  7. Hueh hueh heh heh heee!!
    Movie of the year! I'm only thinking... how to he** i'm so dark? Too much sun last summer??
    Well, anyway, sika hyvä leffa!

  8. Jarppa: Yes, you had too much sun last summer HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...Glad you enjoyed the clip! ;-D

  9. MrsArcticRainbow23 January 2008 at 01:26

    Amel, there are many other sites as well as Ebay. specialistauctions.com, ebid.co.uk, tazbar.co.uk etc etc... And you can use your Paypal funds there too. If you need any lessons in ebay - let me know - you know I am a specialist at it! There are many ways to locate stuff, that is not easily visible...so I can give you some tips for sure..

    Yep it is addictive...next thing you know you will sell some things too. Thats even better!

    Mind you, you can use the Finnish Huuto for that as you know...it is TOTALLY free...no seller commissions like ebay and paypal. The money goes direct into your bank account.

    It is much cheaper though, to buy online than in Finnish shops... isnt that sad..too expensive to support the local traders!

  10. I hardly go to ebay. Just as well...or I can go on buying sprees round the clock!

  11. Mrs Arctic Rainbow: Ahhhh...interesting!!! Okie dokie then, if I'm confused about something, you'll be the one to call he he he...;-D

    Yep, if I want to sell something, I'll try Huuto.net first since it's free and I love free stuff HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    And you're right about that...it's a sad truth indeed that it's cheaper to buy things online. :-(((

    Blur Ting: HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, probably so! ;-D