Friday, January 18, 2008

Student Loans

In most countries, education is not cheap, especially if your kids want to go to very good colleges or universities. I found this site which provides private student loans for American students. You can apply for loans online easily by filling in the online application form.

The site also offers student loan consolidation that can help you reduce your student loan payment in half. There's no application fee for applying student loan consolidation online. You can click on the link to find out about the rates, terms, fees, and eligibility.

Other than that, they also offers Federal PLUS loans for parents. Parents can get a low-interest fixed-rate loan from this site to help them fund their kids' education. They have also provided this side-by-side comparison between the loans they offer. So, Americans, if you think you need to know more, go ahead and click on the links!


  1. Haha, how much did they pay you to do this Amel? :P

    But how true, I will be owing around $20,000 to my university once I graduate. It's good I won't have to pay anything back until I get a job which earns above $39k.

    We have a nice education scheme here in Australia :D

  2. Shan: GLAD to hear that about Oz. I hope there's something like this in Indonesia, 'coz there're far too many poor people that can't get a good education. :-(((((

  3. Oh Amel when you are ready and up to it I have somethig for you to pick up.