Thursday, January 03, 2008

Diet, Oh, Diet!

With all those diet programs out there, which one is the best one for you? I know people want a permanent weight loss program, not a temporary one. What's your diet plan? Medifast Diet Plan, Nutrisystem Diet Plan, Weight Watchers? Well, if your click on the links, you can compare them and the website even offers some discount coupons in case you're interested in joining in one of them.

All the diet plans listed in the site are healthy diet programs which can help you lose weight permanently. That's important in itself since being healthy is priceless, don't you agree?
I still remember a friend of mine who went through a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, and water years back, but she couldn't maintain it. One time she even blacked out in her own bedroom. That was scary and dangerous!!! So if you've just started any kind of diet program, don't forget to check out healthy diet tips, as well.

Anyway, the site also gives out tips on how to achieve permanent weight loss and tips on losing one pound a week. The site even provides exercise and diet tips for diabetics. I know how important the latter is since my own Dad has type 2 diabetes and he has to make sure that he eats in moderation and exercises regularly.

I hope this post is beneficial for those who're considering on a healthy diet program. Last but not least, I just want to say GOOD LUCK and may you achieve your goals!!!


  1. Amelia,

    Happy New Year!!!

    I don't do diets! They just don't work: one loses water and nutrients, but one doesn't actually lose fat. At the end of each diet all the weight comes back again *nodding*.

    The only thing that works is exercise, exercise, exercise to help on building up and toning those muscles (which will do all the fat burning)!
    Of course if one eats properly, one will burn more fat (along with the exercise)!

    Still I will visit this links, you provided :).


  2. Max: I had to diet during my teenage years. Diet = cut off some food. I ate too much ha ha ha ha ha ha...Actually I had too much snack and I didn't exercise, so you know what happened!!!

    I agree with you about exercise. You can't lose weight without exercising...or you can, but then your body won't look great and supple. ;-D

    But THANKS for your willingness to visit the links he he he he...