Saturday, February 09, 2008

Snowy Weekend

Hi, guys!!!

I haven't been writing since I was SO tired ha ha ha...My brain just refused to work well. I'm not used to my new schedule yet, so by Friday I was half a zombie already, but still a cute zombie, though (if I may say so myself HUA HA HA HA HA...). *wink*

Friday went fine. No homework, but I'm gonna try to make a list of the verb changes form so that I can learn more and more verbs plus the changes. Have I told you how much I LOVE preparation and plans? I know I'm not the most flexible person on earth, but I'm trying to be flexible. However, if there are things I CAN prepare and plan, I'd rather do it. It's just how I'm wired, I guess.

I realized one thing about learning a new language. One of the hardest things is to learn the nuances of a language, the connotations or subtle difference of meanings behind certain words. No matter how well a person's vocabulary and grammar, but if that person doesn't learn the connotations of the words, then he or she might use the wrong ones. Sometimes I try creating a sentence and I ask Arttu if that's the right way of saying what I want to say, but he will correct me. Why? Because that certain word has a slightly different meaning than what I want to convey. It is tough, but also interesting.

Funny thing is that when I went to my in-laws today and I heard the conversation between Arttu and his second brother, it was SO TOUGH to understand since they talked VERY fast and they shortened many words. When Arttu's second brother asked me something in Finnish, I had to ask him to speak slowly he he he he...

Today has been BEAUTIFUL. When we arrived at my in-laws, it was SO foggy and white. White everywhere. When I went out to go to their sauna, I couldn't believe my ears. The birds were singing and this time there were SO MANY of them that their song was SO loud. Can you imagine standing still in the middle of a vast snowy, foggy yard and being entertained by possibly 50 birds singing TOGETHER at the same time? It was as though time was standing still, you know? I almost didn't want the snow to melt away he he he he he he...

Plus it was SO refreshing to go outside from a 60'C sauna to a -10'C weather without wearing my outer pants (only long john) and jacket. Of course I wouldn't have stayed outside too long, but it felt GREAT!!!

Then Arttu's second brother came along and gave me his new wok. You know something INCREDIBLE? The kind of wok that he gave me was EXACTLY the kind of wok I had been WANTING TO BUY, but I didn't since I didn't want to pay for it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jarppa!!! ;-D I think it'll be VERY useful in the future since the wok is pretty deep and it has a lid on it, so when my family gets bigger, it's easier for me to cook bigger portion of meals HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Okie dokie, I won't write too long. Just wanna tell you all that I've been doing fine, though more tired than usual. And as usual I got food from my mother-in-law HE HE HE HE HE HE...;-D

Oh yeah, almost forgot, one of my ex classmates, IN, had finally given birth of a baby boy today. She sent me SMS, saying that her baby boy was born in the AMBULANCE since the labour was so quick. As I've told you before, if women are going to give birth in this village, they have to be driven away to Rovaniemi (around 1.5 hours from here). Gee, I can't imagine giving birth in an ambulance, but the most important thing is that the mother and baby are fine no matter where she's giving birth he he he...

I'm going to visit her later on. I wonder what to give her, though hmmmm...Have to browse around in the stores he he he he he...I also don't know when I can visit her, but I DO want to see her as she's a friendly person. ;-D


  1. Hi Amel,

    wow....that was kind of short wasn't it. My hubby also read this and he was LOL.... Because the story was soooo "short". But he enjoyed reading it and me too of course.

    I always laugh when i read ur post ^__^.

    Wow..1,5 hours to the hospital?? Geee...that such a long trip for giving birth :D

  2. Jul: LOL LOL LOL!!!! So your hubby read it too? Well, glad you two enjoyed reading it then he he he...and glad I can always make you laugh. ;-D

    Yeah, there's no hospital in this small village. Just a health centre ha ha ha...It's very funny, isn't it? ;-D Strange but true. ;-D

  3. learning languages is hard!

    when i was learning french i couldn't understand what everyone else said, because it sounded like "blah blah blue blah blee blah" all day!

  4. I hope that you will make it to the hospital when you have a baby! We had a beautiful day today also except it was very sunny and warm enough to not wear a jacket. I just had to stay outside for a long time!

  5. Like I said before, don't worry, Amel. Just have some good rest, okay?! :)

    I think maybe your bro-in-law did read your post about how much you wanting the wok hi hi hi hi hi... *wink*

  6. giving birth in the ambulance...i can't imagine that hehee....but i can happen to everyone. You can't predict when the baby come :) I wish you to have a great weekend.

  7. It appears to have snowed for a long time. This snow will last till when exact? When would warm weather come and how warm will it get?

    I am you have you had a great weekend. I am fully charged with these five days away from work. Kind of looking forward to going back to office tomorrow.

    Cheers Amel!

  8. Jay: Yeah, it's true. And you're right about the "blah blah blue blah blah". I still feel that way sometimes ha ha ha ha...

    Kathy: Yeah, me too!!! ;-D It was warm enough already for you not to wear a jacket? That's VERY NICE!!! ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: THANKS, Crystal. ;-D LOOOOLLL!!!!! Well, I didn't know what kind of wok it was when he mentioned it to me he he he...

    Jeanne: Yeah, you're right. Babies come when they want to come he he he...

    WaterLearner: Yeah, the snow will stay here until March, I think, or early April. I came here last March and there was still plenty of snow at the side of the streets he he he...

    How warm will it get? Only 26'C. Last year it was the "hottest" day. I don't think it'll be so warm here in Lapland, BUT maybe when my body is used to the cold weather, I may feel that 26'C is TOO HOT. You see, last year I thought that 26'C was perfect for me, but it was too hot for my hubby and his sister-in-law he he he he...

    Great to hear you're enjoying your days off from work and you're looking forward to going back to the office tomorrow. ;-D

  9. Hi Amel! I missed you, hehe. Just give it a couple of weeks and you'll be used your schedule.

    If you have time, please visit me here

    Take care and have a great week ahead.

  10. Liza: I missed you too!!! Yeah, I think it'll be better after a couple of weeks. Today I got SO tired again that I took a nap even though I had slept long ha ha ha...

    You too, have a GREAT week ahead! ;-D

  11. Hi Amel, hope you caught up on your rest this weekend. I certainly know that feeling of being too exhausted to do anything.

    That was so nice of your brother in law to buy you a wok, and a bonus that it was the one you wanted. Congratulations to your friend and her new baby boy. Earlier this year my friend gave birth to her daughter in a taxi, her labour was under an hour.

  12. Hi Amelia!

    It is great that you are learning Finnish so fast! I am still struggling to learn Maltese. Sometimes I feel like I can't see any progress :( I also feel that people speak really fast and I can't understand enough...oh, well, hopefully that will improve :)

    I can't imagine giving birth in an ambulance either. I think I would panick :)

    Have a nice day!

  13. Fish: Yeah, I slept A LOT on Sunday ha ha ha ha...;-D

    Oh, he didn't buy me a wok. He bought one for himself, but he never used it. Then he moved here from Pori (about 12 hours away from here by car) and he offered to give me that wok HE HE HE HE HE...

    Your friend gave birth in a TAXI? That's even worse, 'coz there aren't any nurse to help her. Oh dear...glad it went fine, though!

    La delirante: Well, not that fast, to be honest he he he...At least not as fast as I want HA HA HA HA...

    Cheers to us for learning a new language. Let's keep striving! ;-D

    Have a nice day to you too!!!

  14. Hi Amel;

    You always describe things in such a way that I feel that I am there….

    Your title for this article “Snowy Weekend” made me think of weather here in BC, in the interior of the province they received 2 meters of snow on Thursday so one of the three major freeways in the province has been shut down since then. No new snow where I live, we have had much more snow than usual, often we get no snow all winter, but this year, oh my!

    You English is so very good I can’t imagine you not being able to excel at Finnish, anyways know that I am praying for you to the finish…. :)

  15. LS: Glad you enjoyed the post he he he...Well, over here there has been plenty of snow indeed but gladly everything's fine.

    THANKS for your compliment on my English. My problem with learning a new language is learning to speak hi hi hi hi...Usually I'm much better at learning grammar. :-))))

  16. Oh, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))

  17. Hi Amel;

    I find understanding a language when listening to it to be the easiest, then speaking it, then reading it and then writing it. When we go to Germany for example I can often follow conversations, laughing at all the proper times etc, but then I can’t enunciate the accent.

    Over al I am not very good with languages, English is enough to wrestle with, but I do speak North American Sign Language.

    You know after all this time your avatar still makes me laugh!!!!

  18. LS: WOWWWW!!! You find that listening to it is the easiest? For me it's definitely NOT he he he...First I like learning grammar, then I love reading to add vocabulary, then I start listening better...and then speaking is the last one I usually manage to achieve 'coz I don't really speak unless I HAVE to ha ha ha ha...

    You speak North American Sign Language? INTERESTING!!! ;-D

    LOLLLLLL!!! Glad my avatar makes you laugh. I hope it makes other people laugh, too he he he...