Tuesday, February 12, 2008

3BT: February 11, 2008

1. My homemade meatball soup. Hot meatball soup for lunch. YUMMYYYYYYY!!!!!

2. Hubby put on a headset to watch TV on his own while I went to bed earlier. I LOVE the fact that I didn't even ask him to do that. (Note: our apartment is only about 49 square metres, so I can hear the TV from the bedroom even if I close the bedroom door)

3. Hearing birds chirping right outside our course building. What a way to greet me! (Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for birds HA HA HA HA...)

4. Studying more Finnish at home and writing down the meanings of new words to prepare myself for the following lessons. It was really effective. It felt NICE to be driven because of the course!!!

5. Being able to depend on hubby to wake me up with a smile he he he he he...

6. Seeing plenty of snow everywhere and realizing how serene it is in Finland and being able to spend time to cherish that serenity (sometimes after you've lived in a place for a while, you take for granted the wonderful things about that place).

******* The other day in the classroom the teacher asked my Brit friend whether she had many friends in Finland. She said that I was her best friend. I felt SOOOOOOO happy to hear that HE HE HE HE HE HE...We hadn't been friends for too long, but our friendship is really important for me. I hope we can be friends for life, not just friends for a season or reason he he he he...

MC, I just wanna tell you that you've made my life more colourful with your existence. You remind me of a few of my oldest friends who have similar traits as yourself: sunny, cheerful, outgoing...mmmm...You're a joy to be with!!! You have a beautiful soul, my friend...not just a beautiful face! ;-D


  1. Hmm...meat ball soup :D It's oke about ur comment at my blog. I understand. Learn language is not easy...

  2. "Being driven" is the best way to learn. I know you are going to do great in that course!

  3. Jul: Yeah, I LOVE SOUP ha ha ha...

    Vince: THANKKKSSSS for your encouragement! ;-D

  4. i have also a friend that i know her from dutch course and we're still friends until now although she is now living in germany.

  5. After reading this, I remember my post about scoring love points. Your hubby really scored alot of points by taking the initiative to wear headphones and waking you up with a smile.

  6. Even though you are an independent person yourself, but having those caring people surround you like your hubby and MC to depend on makes life greater. I'm happy for you, buddy!

    And heyyy, hot soup for lunch during cold weather?!! Mmmm... I could imagine hi hi hi... ;D

    Happy learning!!! :)

  7. lovely list. It made me feel happy reading it. :-)

  8. Jeanne: GREAT to hear that! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, he really scores lots of points. ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Yep, being helped by loved ones is one of the best feelings in the world. ;-D

    YEPPPPPP...hot soup during cold weather tastes HEAVENLY! ;-D

    Michelle: GLAD to hear that! ;-D