Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I bet most of you have tasted wine or you even like drinking it. The first time I tasted white wine was on the plane to Singapore back in 2000. Some of you might remember that I went there with my Aussie emailpal and on the plane he dared me to taste it. I only took a SMALL sip of it since I just wanted to taste it, not actually drink it.

I've read somewhere that white wine is only good to drink after you eat certain types of food and red wine is only good to drink after you eat different types of food. It's all too confusing for me that I don't even remember which from which. Is it white wine that is better to drink after you eat meal or red wine? Hmmm...

Anyway, I'm really not an expert on this. And since I had an allergy break last Christmas after I went to sauna and drank cider and then we had some red wine, I can assure you that I'm going to avoid alcoholic drinks as best as I can, especially during sauna. I still drink a few sips of cider in between sauna, but no more. I'm too scared of experiencing another allergy break.


  1. Drinking after a sauna can't be good, you'd be too dehydrated. Lots of water instead. Fish x

  2. Fish: Yeah, I've learnt my lesson now. These days I drink a little of cider and then I drink SO MUCH water after sauna he he he...

  3. There's so many wines that are out there that many people will like at least one type of wine.
    Have you ever heard of "moonshine"?? It's a type of whiskey. For the first time ever I drank some last Saturday at a party. It was smooth going down but the high alcohol content made my tongue burn.

  4. Sorry to hear about the allergy break.

    I must confess to being a fan of white wine. Pino Grigio is my favourite.

  5. Vince: Yes, I've heard of moonshine but I've never tasted it he he he...It made your tongue burn? Uhhhh...sounds bad. I burnt my tongue once 'coz I was in a hurry to eat hot soup and it didn't feel great at all afterward ha ha...

    The World According to Me: No worries. :-))))

    You're a fan of Pinot Grigio? Interesting. Now I know more things about you he he...

  6. I wish I knew. Being a wine connoisseur is definitely something special.

    I like white than red. Red's just... crap lol

  7. Shan: HA HA HA HA...Red one is crap? LOL LOL!!! I don't know that since I haven't really tasted many different kinds he he...I just took a sip!