Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luxury Apartments for Rent

If we talk about holidays abroad, we normally choose to stay in hotel rooms. However, these days we have another alternative: luxury serviced apartments. I think the good thing about renting an apartment other than staying in a hotel is the feeling that you're in your own home. Plus if you want to invite a friend of two, you can choose the two-bedroom apartment. Thus you still have plenty of privacy, yet you don't have to pay the full price as you can share it with your friend(s).

If you click on the link, you'll see that the website offers luxury serviced apartments, a nice alternative to staying in a hotel in many cities in the UK. They'll also soon add more luxury apartments in other cities in Europe.

What are the kind of services they offer in their luxury apartments? Internet access, your own DVD player, TV, a fully equipped kitchen, 24-hour check-in, more space, and easy parking. Other than that, the location of their apartments are also strategic. Don't we all love staying near the city centre, especially for women who love to go shopping? Or if you prefer to roam the night life in the city, it'll also be nicer to stay in an apartment near the city centre, don't you think so? That way you'll also spend less money for transportation.

So, if you're interested to check out what they have to offer, why don't you visit the site?

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