Tuesday, February 19, 2008


In Indonesia, not everybody owns mailboxes. People who live in housing complexes normally have residential mailboxes, since the developers have included them in their housing plans. My parents had only started to own a mailbox around 7 years ago, since they were renovating something in the house and the main handyman said that he could make a mailbox for them. Even so, the mailman doesn't always put the letters in the mailbox. I guess he loves handing the letters or packages personally, eh?

Speaking of mailboxes, it reminds me of the time when I tried working in a factory. They also didn't have any commercial mailboxes. If there were packages from UPS or FedEx, then they would be piled on top of the reception desk. Then each of the person who was waiting for the package themselves had to check whether the package had arrived or not. There was nobody assigned to give them out to the appropriate person or department.

Here in Finland I notice that people have their own mailboxes or at least mail slots on their apartment doors and in offices there are commercial mailboxes, as well. What is it like in your country? Does everybody have their own mailboxes? How about offices? Do they have commercial mailboxes, too?


  1. USA everyone has a mailbox. Everyone (one is not supposed to use absolutes, but I would say if it's not 100%, then it's 99.7% of the people.
    If you had to get a notice from the government of Indonesia or from a business and you didn't have a mailbox, how would they contact you?

  2. Vince: I couldn't find the meaning for "absolutes", so care to explain it for me? ;-D

    Well, the postmen just come and knock on our doors to give us letters or packages he he he...