Friday, February 22, 2008

He Listens

One thing I LOVE about hubby, even though he's not a flower guy, is the fact that he LISTENS to my needs and he makes sure that he makes me happy he he he he...

You see, the other day I noticed that he didn't come home for lunch and I asked him about it. I just thought that he didn't have time to come home. Turned out that he had eaten in one hotel's restaurant. He had gotten lots of free lunch coupons, so he had to use them. I was pouting when I heard that, since he had never taken me out to have a lunch in any restaurant here (except to buy some pizzas in a kebab restaurant - but we usually eat it home). He then told me that he could give me the coupon so that I could try eating there. I said to him that I didn't want to eat alone there. I wanted to eat in a restaurant with HIM he he he he...

(Side note: In all fairness, I don't really want him to take me out to a restaurant by paying the bill himself, since the price is too high and I'd really prefer his saving the money instead of using it to treat us to a restaurant.)

He said nothing else about the subject. I knew it wasn't easy for him to take me to have lunch together with him since his lunch break depended much on whether his work was done or not. Sometimes he comes back home for lunch break at 1 pm or 1.30 pm or even later than that. Only a few times he managed to come back home for lunch break at around midday.

Anyway, yesterday he came home happily since turned out that he had decided to take a day off today (he had worked overtime a few times, so he earned the day off). Then he asked me when my lunch break was. He said, "What if I pick you up on your lunch break and we can eat in the restaurant together?"

You can imagine my joy then HEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEE...It wasn't so much the going to the restaurant that counted, but the fact that he CARED about taking me there to have that experience with him. ;-D

Anyway, as I've told you, yesterday after my course, hubby took me and my Brit friend to my Russian friend's house and then picked us up again afterward. On the way home, he said that we should drop by at a supermarket. He was going to make PANCAKES. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! ;-D I didn't even have to do anything hi hi hi hi...I was doing my homework when he was cooking pancakes, then he announced that it was ready, so I ate some.

And this morning when my alarm beeped, as usual I couldn't get up right away...he helped bug me so that I would leave the bed HA HA HA HA HA HA...I'm SO THANKFUL for him for that!!!! ;-D

When I was about to leave the house to go to my course, I saw the stack of dishes from last night and I thought to myself, "'d be GREAT if he would do the dishes this time as I had no time to do it last night, but if he doesn't do it, then it's fine as well."

I came back home this afternoon and found the kitchen spic and span. HURRRAAAYYYY!!! I LOVE that guy!!!

Other than that, today I wanted to watch a movie earlier. At first he said that he wasn't in the mood to do that. However, after a while he changed his mind and we watched "I Am Legend" together HEEEEEEEEEEEE HE HE HE HE HE...That was why I grabbed him tightly and told him, "You're REALLY the love of my life" before I kissed him passionately HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Hmmm...I should send him an e-card to tell him how much I appreciate what he does. :-)))))

So you see, my days have been S U P E R B!!!!!!!!!! I sure do hope yours has been like that, as well!

Take care, dear friends...let me blog-hop some more before I relax he he he...


  1. Its always wonderful to see so much love in a married couple!

    Its great to see your doing so well…

  2. All those things are so sweet! I'm glad you had a super day!

  3. you just are addicted to him aren't you?

    food sounds realy good right now!
    : )

  4. You have wonderfull hubby, Amel. Lucky you...

    Me too, i also have wonderfull hubby who always support me :D Have a nice weekend

  5. Wah Amel.. your hubby very thoughtful, loving and kind.. what a great combination...I am so happy for you.. and sounds like you had a very busy and much love Friday... I wonder how you weekend would be, ahem ahem!....

    Whatever it is.. have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

  6. Did you remember to get your husband to read your blog so he knows how much you love him ?
    Lovely to find you so happy !!

  7. I am very happy for you Amel, a really wonderful hubby is such a blessing!! I hope both of you can grow together spiritually in Christ as well..

  8. LS: I sure hope we can both keep the love alive for as long as we both live. ;-))))

    BP: THANKS. Glad you enjoyed reading it. ;-D

    Jay: HA HA HA HA...I guess so. I hope we are both addicted to each other until we die!

    Juliana: Yeah, I've read how wonderful your hubby is...and that he's a GREAT Dad for Jason, too! ;-D

    LJ: HA HA HA HA...My weekend won't be anything special. Just relaxing days 'coz I need to rest a lot for my course days.

    You too, have a BLESSED weekend! ;-D

    Karen: Well, I usually leave my blog open so that he can read it whenever he wants to he he he...but I did send him a card last night to tell him how much I appreciate him. ;-D

    Trinity: Growing spiritually in Christ is definitely something we have to work on. THANKS for the reminder! ;-D

  9. You're a very lucky girl and I am delighted for you!

  10. Liquid: THANK YOU! :-)))) Have a BLESSED weekend! ;-D

  11. That's so sweet Amel, a guy who listens is definitely preferable to a guy who showers you with flowers but pays you no attention :-)

  12. Isn't it great when you marry the right guy?! You're one lucky gal. I'm wishing all our blogger friends marry the one that fits them just like yours does. Then we will be one happy blogging community. Lol!!!

  13. An ecard is a very good idea. Arttu (did I spell it right?) is soooo sweet. He loves you so much. I'm so happy for you, you married the right guy.

    Happy Sunday.

  14. Sooo happy wife. You are so lucky. I think you found the right hubby.. :)

    (ya iya laah... makanya kamu nikah ma dia khan..)

  15. You know, I really hate to be the one that stands out from the crowd...

    But the first thing that came to my mind after reading your post was something bad...

    Maybe it's just me but they say the higher you are, the greater your fall is...

    Men are a shallow species, believe me I know. Your treatment of your husband makes me feel that he is almost a God to you. That in many ways is very good because you will boost his ego and allow him to feel strong and secure.

    Yet on another hand, it would be wise to perhaps stop what you are doing as we men get bored when there are no intrigue in our life. They say, women gives themself up after marriage and that contributes to the break up of many happy marriages...

    So, I feel that you should pull back a bit and perhaps give him a bit of intrigue and tickly his curiosity abit. Don't give everything away.

    Otherwise, I am delighted to join in the throngs of people in congratulating you!

  16. ah, you got a winner there Qmel!
    Arttu sounds a real sweety

  17. glad to hear that, amel... you have a sweet hubby.. and also coz you're sweet to him ^_*

  18. Your hubby really loves and cares for you alot. You're a lucky girl. Stay happy and loving :-)

  19. Fish: You got that right! I need attention more than anything he he...

    Wifespeak: Yes, that's true. Only after getting married I realized how important it was to choose the "right" person...but then again even after choosing the right one, it takes a lot of effort to keep it sweet. :-)))

    Liza: Yes, you spelled his name right, don't worry he he he...THANKS for your kind words, Liza! ;-D

    Shan: THANKS SO MUCH for your input and for making me think. I sure don't want to miss out on important things that I should know about Arttu. ;-D

    Michelle: THANKSSSSSS!!! ;-D Yes, he's really sweet he he he...

    Jeanne: THANKS for your kind words, Jeanne! ;-D I hope we can both be sweet until we die he he...

    Blur Ting: Yep, I'll try to do my besttttttttt every day. ;-D