Friday, February 29, 2008

Women Talk

Well, this is an update on my condition after stopping the birth control pills. I was actually expecting my period to be erratic during the first few months after stopping the pills, but turned out that my period came pretty much on time and it was LIGHT, too (no stomach cramps whatsoever). YIIIIIIIHAAAAAA!!!!

I used to have SUCH heavy periods during my teenage years that I kept on producing a huge blood spot at the back of my skirt (we wore uniforms at school). I hated that so much since it was embarrassing. Plus back then I think the sanitary pads weren't too highly absorbent and they weren't winged. I LOVE winged sanitary pads!!! They're really amazing he he he these days they are really MUCH thinner than what they used to be.

Funny thing was that I began to feel PMS more than when I was still taking the birth control pills. Or maybe another cause is that I've been busier these days and when I get tired, it's easy for me to be cranky. I'm SO grateful that my hubby isn't someone who's easily angered or upset. However, I promise myself that I'd do anything within my power to control myself when PMS hits me he he he...

I must say, though, that I don't really like making love with condoms, but what more can I say? I don't want to be pregnant yet since I want to go to Indonesia first after my course is finished, so I just have to bear it until then and I'm looking forward to the days without condoms. ;-D

One thing about PMS...I'd LOVE it if men can undergo just one day when PMS hits a woman so badly...maybe then they'll understand better what's going on he he he he...because honestly speaking, it's really indescribable sometimes. Funny thing is that I had been PMS free during my pill days. Weird, isn't it? Strange but true he he he...

Anyway, I SALUTE men who put up with women during their PMS days and don't make silly jokes about it and don't say anything negative about it. :-D


  1. I think I'm one of the lucky women who never experienced PMS, but my daughter isn't.

    Have a great weekend Amel.

  2. I get it every once in awhile. Mostly I'm aware that I feel more exhausted in the run up to woman's week. Not cranky so much - well sometimes - but definitely lacking energy.

  3. I tend to get so tired, sometimes I can't even keep myself awake at the office. I also get very irritated with the kids. On the day before period starts, I become moody and quiet and definitely more emotional. It's really quite impossible to control these things that happen during PMS.

  4. are going to Indonesia, Amel??? Congratulation :D

  5. A Simple Life: You never experienced PMS? WOW!!! SO LUCKY indeed!!! :-))) You too, have a GREAT weekend!

    Fish: Yeah, I also feel more exhausted and I need more sleep during PMS he he he he...and I tend to be more emotional (I cry easily).

    Blur: Yeah, I have the same symptoms he he he...Being sleepy and I cry easily when watching movies he he he...You're right, it's quite impossible to control it...but I plan on trying to control what comes out of my mouth he he he...

    Juliana: It's not fixed yet, Jul. I'll let you know when I've bought the ticket ha ha ha ha...Right now I still don't get the student money yet, so I can't book the ticket. Besides, have to wait till Arttu finds out whether he can come with me or not.

  6. PMS....? i had it although i took the birth controle pil. Since i stopped the pill, th PMS was really bothered me.... Thank God that now i've almost no PMS again since i take every morning a special multivitamine for women :)

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  8. Oops! You are number 96 (not 97).

  9. I'll get it right one of these days. I've clearly been lost at sea too long....This is the correct link!

  10. Jeanne: So a multivitamin for women helps you? Then I should take it every morning, too. I usually only take it near my period and during my period, not every morning he he he...

    Mimi Lenox: THANKS SO MUCH for the link. I LOVE the idea of the floating message in a bottle. ;-D

  11. Wow! I'm glad I read this section and got an education. I thought all women get that, the only difference was varying degrees of pain. Shows how much I know.

    I totally agree that condoms are a "drag"; we still use them. The alternative is worse, tho'. We won't stop until she reaches menapause, so we got 10 more years of using them.

  12. Vince: Well, I read that 70-90% of women get PMS, so it's only normal that we think that "all" women get it since there are so many who suffer PMS he he he...

    Yeah, I know what you mean about "the alternative". I think if we can afford it, Arttu's going to undergo vasectomy after we decide that we have enough kids he he he...