Monday, February 25, 2008

Save, Save, Save!

Most people love saving money and buying discounted items. Are you planning on opening a new office for your business? Do you need interesting computer offers since you're on a limited budget? Well, in this link you can find small business computer deals from PC Connection, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Apple Store and Newegg.

Many people in Indonesia usually spread flyers when they just open a new business. They hire people to spread them in the malls or on the pavement. Well, whatever business you're thinking of opening, I wish you LUCK!!! Even though starting a new business is tough, make sure you don't give up. The first two years must be the hardest of all, so you've gotta keep on striving to succeed. However, don't forget to have fun and take a break every now and then, as well, so that you don't get burnt out!

Speaking of having fun, since summer is coming soon, perhaps you should consider buying Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses or John Grisham's The Appeal so that you'll be ready for your summer holiday. Since I love reading, I'd also enjoy sunbathing in my in-laws' yard while reading the rest of the novels that I haven't read yet. I also have some non-fiction books to read. Yum yum...plenty of interesting books waiting to be read after my course ends. Anyway, cheers to our coming holiday even though it's still a few months away he he he...

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  1. Not on this topic, but I thought you'd find this interesting - a very different reason why it's good to learn a new language. ;-)