Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Day Tradition

In Finland on Leap Year Day there's this funny tradition where women are allowed to propose to guys and if the guys say no, then they have to buy the women a skirt he he he he...

I then asked hubby and his brother what would happen if the guys said yes. I was wondering if the women had to buy the engagement ring as well HA HA HA HA...They said, "Well, of course then the guys had to buy the ring and then they would get married."

I then asked if such a thing ever happened that they had known of. Apparently this is just a tradition, so they don't know of anybody who has ever proposed a guy and then get married.

One thing for sure, though...if there is a woman who proposes and the guy says no, I don't think that a skirt would be enough consolation "prize" for her, don't you think so? *wink*

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!!! Today I'm gonna be busy again since Jarppa (R2's second brother) is going to throw a party. He's only inviting some friends and his girlfriend is only inviting several friends. I guess the object of the party is to let them know that Jarppa's now residing in Sodankylä with his girl he he he he...And I bet it's gonna be a LONG night at the bars and karaoke, so I have to take a nap first before the party starts at around 8 pm. So don't wonder if I can't blog-hop until late Saturday or Sunday. ;-D


  1. A skirt?! I'd prefer jeans! Hi hi hi...

  2. hahah.. what a funny tradition.. And I agree a skirt would not suffice.. but then again.. but then better make sure you propose to a guy you're prepared to be married to coz what if he say yes right??

    Have a great party tonight Amel!! Have fun and have a great weekend too!

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  4. Choc Mint Girl: WISE choice! I'd also prefer jeans HE HE HE HE...;-D

    LadyJava: HI HI HI...That's also true. Gotta be prepared to get a "yes" answer when proposing no matter what. ;-D

    MT: I'm coming right up, MT he he he...;-D