Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blog Ranks

Many bloggers who have started blogging for money know the importance of their Page Rank. However, they also worry since their Page Rank can suddenly go down from 3 or 4 to zero in no time. IZEA has launched their own Blog Ranks based on actual traffic (daily visitors, daily active inbound links, and daily page views).

The javascript code that they use to calculate the rank is different from Google's, so bloggers can feel safe about it. I'm sure many bloggers have known about IZEA Ranks. Once you register, you can choose to display your page views and visitors or just your RealRank in your blog.

However, are you also aware that there's a contest where the blog that reaches the number one rank each week in February can win $1,000? As long as your blog is registered for RealRank, then it will be automatically entered into the contest. That sounds good to me!!! If you haven't signed up, why don't you do it now? Maybe you'll win the prize. Who knows?

Anyway, I like the idea of RealRank (I think it's a bold move!) and the fact that IZEA is going to depend more on this rather than Google's PR Rank. I've seen some blogger friends suffer since their Page Rank is suddenly gone down to zero. After all, some of them may need the money badly. I sure do hope that IZEA Ranks are going to work since it will definitely help bloggers feel safer about choosing to blog for money.

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