Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Hurried Post

Today, as predicted by the weatherman, it was only -7.5'C in the morning and during the afternoon it came up to -2.5'C. It was snowing lightly when I walked home from the course. SO blissful! I could almost hear the earth breathing softly to my ears...mmmm...

Anyway, today was a bit rough on everybody since we learnt the hard types of verbs and their changes he he he...and the person I mentioned in my last post had decided to stop going to the course altogether today. That person left right after lunch break after telling the teacher about the decision. That person couldn't cope with the teacher's teaching method, even though some of us had tried to share our points of view about the teacher. Oh harm done, though. The course still goes on and I'm still excited about it.

I'm actually hoping for a continuation of the course. This course only covers Suomi 1 and 2, whereas I'm gonna need to pass Suomi 3 and 4 to get my citizenship in 3 years' time. I sent an email to the employment office yesterday to tell them what I thought about our teacher. I also told them that I would be happy if there would be a continuation course. They replied me and said that they were happy to hear positive feedback and they didn't know about the continuation course, but they would consider it.

OK, now I have to eat before I go to my friend's house. I have to wait for Arttu to come home first, of course he he then he can take me and my Brit friend to my Russian friend's house. :-)))))

Hope your day has been swell, my friends...


  1. Hope you have great time at ur friend house. Don't forget take the photos of the baby :D

    In here we have to pass niveau 2 that is minimum to can get own netherlands pasport. I pass it :D

  2. You'll learn and pass. I'm certain. :-)

    I'm glad THE PERSON left. That way they don't disrupt things for the rest of you who do want to learn.

  3. Oooh! So cold! Hope you had fun visiting your friend.

  4. Hey Amelia,

    So sorry to hear about your classmate...does he realise that he might be throwing his future away? :(

    I am in no position to make a judgment on your teacher, so all I can say is: sorry that her method isn't working for you, guys :(!

    I wish you a great day, dear :D! Have fun!


  5. Have a fun time with your friend Amel. Fish x

  6. i hope you have fun at your friend's house ..:)

  7. I like the picture of the cute girl. I remember watching this Japanese cartoon called Candy and read ll the comic books when I was younger. The characters all look so sweet like this girl.

  8. every night I feel very cold and wear 3 pieces of long sleeves pajamas.. i saw the temperature.. it is only 24-25!! hehhehe

  9. Hi Amel

    If you get the time I have a nice tag for you...

  10. It must look so pretty out there with the snow falling lightly.

    Maybe it's just as well the person has left the course, they must have been giving off bad vives?

    Happy weekend.

  11. Jul: Yep, I did take a pic of the baby. You've passed the test already? That's GREAT!!! ;-D

    Michelle: THANKKKSSSSSS!!! You're right about the person. That person had emitted negative vibes it's a good thing that we don't have to feel that anymore he he he...

    Kathy: Yes, we did have fun, thanks! ;-D

    Max: Well, that person insisted that learning Finnish alone would be better. Oh well...

    But our teacher's been VERY good. I couldn't have asked for more, so she's really effective for the rest of us, so don't worry, Max he he...

    Fish: THANKSSSS! ;-D

    Jeanne: Yep, plenty of fun he he he...

    Blur: also watched it? I watched it only a few episodes, then the comics came out and I read it until the end he he he...

    Trinity: Yeah, I know what you mean he he he...Back in Indo when the temperature dropped that low, I also put on some socks and stuff he he he...

    Lori: Yeah, I've been doing GREAT, thanks! ;-D

    Michelle: OK about the tag. I'll go check it out first he he he...

    The World According to Me: Yeah, I'm using that image now to help me sleep and to help me redirect my thoughts away from Finnish lessons or other stuff he he he...

    And you're right about the bad vibes...we're all GLAD that the person has left our class he he he...

    Happy weekend to you too! ;-D