Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another Award and Love/Hate Tag

I haven't been able to blog-hop much since I've been busy. Today's going to be another busy day as well, since it's my last day of freedom he he he...but OK, I hope I have time to post some pictures later on and visit all of you before my full-time course starts tomorrow.

Arlene has shared this Biggest Heart Award with me. THANKS SO MUCH, Arlene! I feel the love he he he he...

And Liza tagged me to list the things I love and hate...Let's see how I do it...

Here are the things I LOVE:

1. God's grace.
2. Life and being alive and FEELING alive.
3. My family (including my hubby and his parents and brothers and sister-in-law and nephews) and closest friends and blogging friends.
4. Sleeping!!!
5. Reading good books: informative, uplifting, funny books.
6. Watching good movies with my hubby.
7. Making love.
8. Cooking and baking when I succeed in making something delicious and everybody enjoys it ha ha ha...
9. Making someone smile, laugh or feel supported or encouraged with something I say or do.
10. Sauna!!!
11. Serenity and quietness and peace of mind.
12. Counting God's blessings.
13. Buying discounted items that I NEED or finding discounted items at the grocery store HUA HA HA HA HA HA...
14. Enlightenment. I can literally feel my mind expanding. YES!!! ;-D
15. Self-acceptance and forgiveness (forgiving others and myself).

Here are some things I HATE:

1. Hypocrites: whether I'm the one being a hypocrite or others.
2. Injustice.
3. Chaos and a cacophony of voices and noise for hours on end.
4. Feeling helpless when watching others suffer or when they're in agony or sorrow.
6. Holier-than-thou types of people, including if I have thoughts like that in my own mind.
7. Self-pity.
8. People who can't say sorry sincerely.
9. Evil, negative thoughts and motives lurking at the back of my mind.
10. Pushy people that don't know when to stop.
11. Insensitive people.
12. Living in fear - fear in a certain amount is good, but living in fear is really bad - it will stunt our growth in every aspect of life.
13. Cruelty.
14. Liars.
15. Forgetting to take out meat from the freezer the night before I was supposed to cook HE HE HE HE HE...


  1. great job and congrats. I gave that award to everyone on my blogroll. I made it. HAve a great week.

  2. Kasper: Oh yes, I know you made it, Dawn, I posted it already before this. ;-D