Thursday, February 28, 2008

Operation Speak Up Update

Remember my post entitled "Operation Speak Up"? Karen encouraged me to start that operation and she even created the icon especially for me HE HE HE HE...THANKS again, Karen!!!

Well, today due to my canker sore or mouth ulcer (or sariawan in Indonesian), I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine. My Brit friend MC (BLESS HER!!!) brought some Bonjela to the classroom since she read about my affliction in this blog. However, I wanted to try practising my Finnish at the pharmacy, so I went there after my course was over he he he he...

Funny thing was that it felt natural for me to try and speak Finnish to those people there, even though they did speak proper English. The course has really helped me feel natural in speaking Finnish, even though I haven't really practised it much with my in-laws (I MUST do it this weekend!!!).

You see, if there's somebody who is talkative near me, I tend to let that person speak instead. Since Jarppa (Arttu's second brother) has been going with us to my in-laws every Saturday, I have been pretty silent in front of my mother-in-law ha ha ha ha...But I'm going to really force myself to talk to her this weekend. I PROMISE he he he he...

But anyway, today felt SO good, because last December during the Christmas party with my other classmates (from the evening class), I didn't even try to speak in Finnish to the cashier/waitress when I ordered my pizza he he he he...My Brit friend MC tried to make me speak Finnish, but I didn't do it 'coz it felt somehow unnatural hi hi hi hi hi...Oh least now I know I AM making progress in the speaking department ha ha ha ha...

OK, I'll end this post here since I have other things to say, but the topic is different. I just wanna let you all know my progress in this operation hi hi hi...;-D Oh, and another thing...I care less about making mistakes when speaking long as I can make the other person understand it, then it's OK. Of course I still try to think of the grammar, but I don't really mind it even if I do make mistakes. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! ;-D It feels GOOOOOOOOODDDDD, Babbyyyy he he he...

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  1. Congratulations on being more comfortable in speaking Finnish, I am so glad to hear that this course has helped you so much!

  2. That is wonderful that it's starting to feel more natural to you and that you are doing such a great job in your classes:) keep up the good work :) big hugs to you

  3. that's get progressing on learning a language...:) i know that that is not easy hehehe....:)

  4. Hello Amelia,

    I am so sorry about your mouth ulcer :(! Feeling better now *warm hug*?

    That is great that you are feeling more at ease speaking Finnish: well done *clap clap clap*! I am proud, girl :D!!!

    I think you should speak to your mom-in-law and even brother-in-law in Finnish...then let us know how it went ;D!

    I am really happy about the effect the course is having on you :D!!!