Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moon, Thou Art Shining So Brightly Tonight!

Hi, everybody!

Hope your weekend has been fine. I think tomorrow I may need more nap since I couldn't take a nap yesterday, so I'd better write this post today than tomorrow he he...Before I begin, let me just share some pictures that I took a while ago with my mobile. Since I didn't have any USB cable to connect my mobile with my computer, I had to send them to Arttu's mobile first ha ha ha...

First pic: Heavily-pregnant Arttu HA HA HA HA...Gee, I hope he won't kill me if he finds out that I put up this pic hi hi hi...but it was too funny to keep by myself HO HO HO...

The other pics were taken only the other day when I walked back home from school. I went to Lidl and when I came out from there, I saw a plane making a VERRRRYYYYYY long smoke tail. It was breathtaking since it was also a sunny day and there was a half moon in the sky. Don't believe me? Take a look at these three pics. I couldn't possibly take everything into one single picture, esp. since I took it with my mobile, but you'll get the idea he he he...

Tonight there's a 3/4 of a moon shining so brightly in the sky. I noticed that it was especially bright when I walked out of my in-laws' house. As some of you know, they have a HUGE field, so I was taken aback when I realized how bright the moon was. During those moonless nights, whenever we walked outside of their house in the dark winter evenings, it was really almost pitch dark outside. Ahhhh...I LOVE moments when I can truly enjoy the beauty of nature he he he...

Anyway, I won't write much here (I PROMISE HI HI HI HI...) so let me just leave you with a message that you've probably read somewhere in the internet, but it's a very good one, so here goes:

Simple Guidelines For Happiness:

1. Free your heart from hate.

2. Free your mind from worry.

3. Live simply.

4. Give more.

5. Expect less.


  1. Your phone takes really good pictures! Well, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Arttu is so cute! The other photos are really beautiful, Amel. Finland looks magical.

    i have a tag for you, No pressure - I know you're way more busy now.

    It's a challenge to post baby photos of yourself and husband/partner/children.

    here are mine:

    hope you have a nice lazy sleep-in sunday. :-)

  3. Great tips for Happiness!!!

    Arttu looks really pregnant. When is he due! Show me the pic of the baby ok :-)

  4. He he, you guys are so funny!
    Those are amazing photos, esp since they were taken on a phone camera! That white line is called a 'con-trail' which means condensation trail. I love looking at those things too. Recently I saw two of our army airforce planes practising (we live near the air base) and they made a heart shape. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and like you, I whipped out my camera but couldn't take a decent shot!

  5. You have COOL cell phone :D It is funny to see Arttu "pregnant". Did you ever try urself, how do you look when you are pregnant hi hi hi hi..

  6. Ha ha... Funny pic of Arttu. ;D

    Beauty of nature... Yeahh, amazing pics. I can imagine of the breathtaking views. :)

  7. hi amel, that's a great picture of the jet smoke....the beauty is so serene.

    love that thoughts, too. thanks for sharing.

  8. Kathy: Well, it can take good pictures if there's enough light. It takes better outdoor pictures when it's sunny. You too, Kathy, enjoy your weekend! ;-D

    Michelle: Glad you enjoyed the pics. ;-D And yeah, it does feel magical for me. ;-D

    A tag? OK I'm gonna do it sometime this week then. THANKS for sharing yours. LOVE 'em! ;-D And yes, I have a nice lazy Sunday hi hi...

    WaterLearner: You're gonna have to wait a bit before you can see the pic of the baby hi hi hi...He's due next month LOL LOL!!! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, I was just messing around with him ha ha ha ha... it's called "con-trail", eh? THANKS for letting me know! I never knew the term for it.

    You saw a heart-shaped con-trail? Must've been quite a sight!!! Well, even though you didn't manage to capture it, at least you got to watch it! ;-D

    Jul: HA HA HA HA...Nope, I never tried it on my own hi hi hi...or wait a minute...maybe when I was little and we used to play dolls (me and my neighbours), sometimes we put the baby inside our T-shirt HA HA HA HA...

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I sure hope he won't kill me when he finds out HA HA HA HA...

    Sunshine4Life: Hi, Arlene! Glad you enjoyed the pics. ;-D

  9. I can imagine both of you had a good laugh.. hahaha..

    I love the sceneries.. but I don't think I can live in that freezer like that!

  10. Trinity: Well, if your whole family moves someplace so cold, YOU WILL SURVIVE. I'm VERY sure of it...but if you don't have to, then you feel that you can't survive he he he...;-D

  11. Amel...have you ever seen the Red Arrows flying team from the UK? They are a group that flys all over the world...they make some wonderful displays... If not..look it up on the internet.

    For some reason in the UK we saw these condensation trails several times a week... Ive liked those ever since I was a kid..and would stand there waiting and watching the lines get fatter as the minutes passed after they were initially made by the plane.

  12. Mrs Arctic Rainbow: No, I don't think I've seen them. I've only seen a few con trail shows on TV. In real life I've seen it only twice, but they only made a long other shapes he he he...

    LUCKY you to be able to see it several times a week in the UK he he he he he...;-D