Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Awards: Lucky Me!!!

Trinity has shared these three awards with me:

This award originated from Ann, who elaborated the meaning of this award as such:

"Most of us know who and what cheers us up- what we don't know is how we cheer up others or if we're making a difference in their lives. That's because we let too much time go by without telling those we appreciate how much they mean to us, until it's too late and the opportunity slips away."

"The bloggers I nominated cheer me up like Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, a box of Peanut Butter Panic from Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and a copy of a picture I have in my home of Lucy and Ethel on the job at a candy company."

This award is originated from Mademoiselle. This is what she said about this award:

"These blog award is intended only for blogger, who has that intense passion for blogging, always there at my BLOG to greet us, and finally the BLOGGER who is simply XXTRA ORDINARY"

1. Pass this to 7 or more of your worthy friends.
2. You can also pass this to the one who gave it to you.
3. Pass this award to only DESERVING bloggers.
4. No rule number four.

The third one is the one created by Trinity herself. It's called "You'll always have a room in my heart". VERY suitable for her own blog title. THANKS SO MUCH, Trin! You're SO VERY creative!!!

Max has shared with me these two awards, as well. THANKS, Buddy!!!

Right now I really don't have the energy to spread the awards, but I'd LOVE to share You Cheer Me Up award with everybody who's been with me all through the days. THANKS SO MUCH for your time and friendship!!!


  1. Well done with the awards!

    Well deserved!

  2. Hello Amelia,

    Congratulations for your awards, darling: they are a proof of the love people have for you :D!

    May God bless you :D!