Thursday, February 07, 2008

Women and Their Handbags

Women, what kind of handbags do you like? I personally like a handbag that isn't too small or large. If it's too small, then I can't have enough room to put everything I need. If it's too large, then it's going to look silly on me since I'm a tiny lady. Other than the size, I also like handbags that don't need to be washed often HUA HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, I'm lazy in that department!!!

I also like handbags that have many inside or outer pockets so that I can easily separate my stuff. For example, I can put some sanitary napkins and tissue in one pocket, whereas I can put my lip balm and lipstick in another pocket.

However, I don't like handbags that are too expensive since it kinda beats the whole idea of the usefulness of a handbag. I mean, I will probably not bring too much cash anyway, so it seems silly to me to have a bag that's actually far more expensive than the contents. I'm NOT against anybody who likes expensive handbags, though, especially if they have the means to buy them. By all means, if you like branded handbags or you like collecting handbags, go ahead and do it as long as you don't neglect the most and more important things in life. ;-D


  1. Hey Amelia,

    I love handbags!!! Any kind of handbag: one for every single activity (weekend, to go to the club, to go to parties, to go out to eat and for daily life) - and this implies several sizes.


  2. Max: You're right. The size depends on what occasion they are needed, eh? HE HE HE...

  3. Oh dear,
    I am afraid that my handbag is more of a wee suit case than a purse.

    My husband teases me all the time that I am going to hurt my back carrying around such a heavy thing.

    But, everytime I try to down size...I simply can't seem to manage.

    And, to top it all is as dis-organised as my mind...LOL!!!:)

  4. P.S. grabbing your lovely new button:)

  5. Shinade: HE HE HE HE...I know what you mean. I also like carrying everything I might need in my bag. ;-D

    Glad you liked my new button. Mel Kaye made it for me he he...;-D